Goal Setting: Why Not Today?

Goals are important. Yes, goal setting is fun to talk about around New Year’s Eve and summer, but goals can actually apply at any time in your life. In some ways, goal setting at a certain point during the year feels like cheating you out of starting your goals TODAY! Or yesterday! Why do we feel like we have to wait until January 1st to start goals? We always say we’ll start the diet on Monday or start going to the gym next month, but why not today?

Why not today? In Old Towne Orange, there are so many opportunities to start goals and stick to them year-round. Last week, we gave you all the places to kick-start your summer fitness programs (AND THIS WEEK WE’RE GIVING 1 21-DAY PROGRAM AWAY BELOW) – whether you’re into pilates, yoga, martial arts, and more! Old Towne offers so many studios to start your fitness journey this summer so be sure to read that blog post here if you haven’t already. This week, we want to highlight our tips for goal setting and sticking with them! Goals can be easy to write in a notebook or planner – but the challenging part comes when you want to stick with them long term!

We are by no means fitness and health experts. But whether your goal is to eat better, exercise more, go outside more often, or whatever it may be, follow our tips for success. These worked for us – and we hope they can work for you too!

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Start a 66 Day Countdown

New research shows that it takes 66 days to create a habit. That is 26 days LESS than the entire season of summer. That is 200 days LESS than the average pregnancy. That is 299 days less than a year! And it can all start today because… why not today? Starting a 66-day countdown will help you form a habit. Create a whiteboard chart, post it note chain, or calendar with 66 days on it! Each day, focus on crossing one more day off of your habit chart. Before you know it, 66 days will have passed – and your habit should be formed.

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Get A Goal Partner

When I was first trying to transition to a vegan diet, I was lucky enough that my best friend told me that she would join me (as long as Sunday could be her cheat day). We did our research about the diet together, went grocery shopping for healthy ingredients, bought a vegan cookbook together, watched all of the food documentaries Netflix had to offer, and found delicious ways to make our new diet fun! Having her by my side through the experience was amazing motivation and inspiration. I felt like half of the pressure of my goals were also hers. This week, invite a friend on a walk around Old Towne with you, try out Hit the Mark Fitness, or walk the dogs together! Why not today?


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Remember – You’re Only Competing With Yourself

The process of self-improvement and betterment is not about comparing yourself to anything or anyone else. Sometimes, I would follow fitness influencers on social media, only to feel that I was comparing myself to them. Progress is found within. Set goals that are challenging, but realistic. If you reach for goals that are unrealistic, you are more likely to give up sooner. Start with a 20-minute walk after dinner… then work yourself up to the 5k (or half marathon!!).

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Reward Yourself!

Setting mini goals within the bigger goal is the key to success! When you accomplish the smaller goals, give yourself a treat. For example, when I started regularly working out, my goal was to hike 3-5 times a week. From this, I told myself that after each hike, I could get a protein smoothie from my favorite shop on the corner. And once a week, I could have a big dessert… but only if I hiked 3-5 times that week. I incentivized my goals and almost turned it into a fun game! Rewarding yourself will help you stay on track and motivated!

What tips do you have? We would love to hear them so leave us a comment on the blog or on our social media. Thank you for reading. We hope that you start goal setting today because… why not today?


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Have a great weekend and we will see you in Old Towne!

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