Merry Zoomsmas: Holiday Family Activities

Happy holidays, everyone! We know this year is looking different when it comes to celebrating with the family. You might be canceling travel plans or staying with roommates this year. No matter how your holidays look, technology is on our side in 2020 and there is no reason you can’t spend quality time with your loved ones this year, even if it’s over Zoom!

We compiled a list of activities – from naughty to nice – for your family and friends to play on Zoom this year. 

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of everyday household items for your scavenger hunt. List items that you know are specific to your family. Screen share your Zoom call to a timer set on the screen and get hunting around the house for the items! The first to bring back all of the items or have the most items when the timer runs out wins!

Festive Tunes

Did you know you can use the screen share function on Zoom to just share your audio? Click on screen share, advanced, and “sound only” to share any music coming from your computer to your family’s computers, as if it’s coming out of their speakers as well. Throw on a holiday playlist from Spotify or your family’s favorite artist and you’re ready for the holidays!

Gift Opening

If your extended family won’t be together this holiday season, consider opening a gift all together on Zoom. Open the most exciting gifts on the call to show off the reaction to loved ones, or have a Zoom call set up for the entire gift-opening session. This is sure to invite a sense of family love into the home.

Virtual Games

There are so many games that can be played on Zoom this holiday season! Start with family trivia with the kids by asking them questions about the family’s history, and have them buzz in to answer for points. This game is great because the entire family gets to take a trip down memory lane through family history and stories. It allows the kids to understand a sense of where they came from and brings a competitive edge to the holidays. And of course, experiment with all different categories of trivia on Zoom this year for even more fun.

Holiday charades can be easily done on Zoom. Break up your teams by family, set the timer, and get going on an intense match of charades or Fishbowl, a three-round version of charades that is extra fun!

For those 21+, the website Drink Virtually offers Zoom-friendly drinking games with instructions that you can screen share and participate in with friends and family. Jackbox Games also offers an opportunity for loved ones to connect through online games, where everyone submits their answers on their phones (we highly recommend Quiplash to get the virtual laughs booming!).   

Netflix Watch Party

Netflix and Telepathy are offering a new way to watch TV and movies with your friends online. All you need to do is visit Netflix Party and download Telepathy to join the watch party, and even add your commentary to the sidebar in the chat feature. Pop the popcorn, pour the apple cider, and enjoy!

Follow-Along Cooking Class

Send out the family recipe and throw your own cooking show over Zoom at home! Have everyone gather their ingredients prior to the Zoom call, and do a follow-along cooking class so everyone in the family can make (and eat) the same dish! This is a fun way to share a new recipe, trade kitchen secrets, and spend time with the family. 


This year, take time to discuss a family charity on your holiday Zoom call. Here in Southern California, the OC Food Bank, local Goodwills, and the Salvation Army are always looking for donations, and The Assistance League of Orange is in need of volunteers. Decide your cause and reach out this year – our community needs it. 

That is all for this week, folks! Start planning your Zoom holiday party today with our guide! Have a great weekend, and we will see you around Towne.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova