A Slice of Positivity

Messages are all around us. A study from Red Crow Marketing shared that the average American sees between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising messages in one day! ONE DAY! With an overload of information coming to us from brands, companies, and friends, in the forms of social media, blogs, billboards, television, YouTube, and more, how do we take a moment to see through the clutter and see what positive messages are standing right in front of us?

Throughout the past 5 months or so, businesses and community members have been challenged with creating positive messaging in a globally historic and unprecedented time. Brands have needed to balance sharing the real news while also uplifting those who need hope. We have seen brands and celebrities use their platforms to lift up black voices, spread the importance of wearing a mask, and share world events with us. However spreading a message starts at a microlevel, and sharing positivity is something you can do easily from your phone or computer that could positively impact someone else. This week, we wanted to share what positive messages we have seen around OTO, to hopefully make you smile.


The A-stands outside of Laurenly always give us a smile, and give us a relatable quote to carry with us for the rest of the day. If you didn’t catch it, last week’s podcast guests were Mike and Lauren, from Smoqued and Laurenly, respectively. Check out their episode here! Mike and Lauren have had to quickly adapt to the California COVID-19 restrictions, and shared how they’ve kept their chins up through it all!

Orange Yard Signs

Have you heard of the #WeAreOrange sign project from Orange Home Grown and Community Foundation of Orange? Well, they’re making MORE! They are now taking pre-orders for pick-up after August 1st. The proceeds from the signs will be used by Orange Home Grown and Community Foundation of Orange to support special projects and programs that meet the growing needs of our community. You can pre-order your sign today by clicking here and visit them on Instagram for more details!

Too Small To Fail

If you get the chance to take a walk through OTO, you will be sure to find window signs that share messages just like this one! We found this sign in the window of the 1888 Center. We had to do some research on these words, and found that this message is intended to reach the heart of a community. Our local businesses are small, but too small to fail. We must support them in their efforts to change to the new normal, such as curbside pickup, to-go orders, and delivery options. As Orange, we are too small to fail, and we encourage you to take these words with you as you remember your favorite OTO businesses.

Painted Rocks

Another thing we noticed were these painted rocks around town, each sharing some message of support, love, or kindness. In these times, sometimes it is just nice to hear, “It will be okay.” Consider painting a rock and leave it in Orange this week, to brighten someone’s day and share your positive message.

The Old Towne Swing Dancer Matt Richey 

When we found Matt Richey on Instagram, we just knew we had to speak with him! You might recognize Matt as the swing dancer of Old Towne Orange! Matt shared with us that while he was on his quarantine walks down to the Circle, he would just start naturally dancing to himself. The honks and waves he got from residents inspired him to film his dances and post them on Instagram, so he could spread positivity to even more people around town! Matt is the embodiment of positivity and if you want to hear his full story, head on over to our Patreon, where you can become an exclusive I Heart Insider! Listen to a sample of the episode here:

Lastly, You!

You might not even know the power that you hold individually if you use your voice to spread kindness! Donating your money to a Black Lives Matter organization, your time to protests and education, and your smiles to community members you pass on your walk could be the start to huge change, on a global scale. This week, we challenge our I Heart readers to spread positivity in some way. Go and do it right now! Log on to Facebook and share that inspiring message, reach out to a friend you know who might be having a hard time, or volunteer your time by visiting this list of COVID-19 volunteer opportunities in Orange County. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you for coming back to the blog for a slice of positivity. Have a great weekend everyone, and we will see you smiling around town! 

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