Staff Shares: Our Fave OTO Taco

If you frequent OTO or have taken a stroll through the Circle, you know that Old Towne Orange is a hub for foodies of all kinds. There are options for salad lovers, meat lovers, vegans, drinkers, those looking for a quick snack, coffee addicts, ramen lovers, and more! One dish that OTO definitely isn’t short of is tacos! Tacos can be found at many different restaurants in the plaza, and all of them bring a unique approach to the classic Mexican dish. 

This week, we asked the I Heart team to share their favorite OTO taco with us. In addition, we asked each team member to find a recipe online that is similar to their OTO choice. Although the recipes won’t be exact, we included them to give all of the quarantine home chefs some inspiration this week and help y’all up your taco game pronto! Click each of the team member’s names below to view the recipe. Enjoy!

KELLY – I definitely have to go with Gabbi’s. I love all of her tacos on the menu but sometimes she has these shrimp tacos with jicama taco shells and they are to die for. So clean and fresh, and the flavors are outstanding! This recipe can’t compare to Gabbi’s but it’ll get you started!! 

SHAUNA – If you’re on the hunt for a good taco while cutting down on your meat intake, I would highly recommend Avila’s El Ranchito in Orange! Their impossible meat is so yummy that it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on the authentic Mexican food experience. 

ALEX – I love a taco with complex flavors, so Al Pastor is right up my alley. One of my favorite spots in OTO, The Taco Stand, has a sweet and savory al pastor taco with tender pork, pineapple chunks, and a freshly made corn tortilla. BRB, taking a trip to flavor town. ????

LINDSAY – Salmon all day, every day! A taco in any form is just plain GOOD in my opinion, but if it’s loaded with all the good stuff AND includes salmon as the protein, then I will be one happy foodie. I recently discovered the blackened salmon taco from Taco Adobe and it does not disappoint!!

KYLIE – I love the fresh, flavorful fish tacos at Wahoo’s! If I could eat them every day, I would. ???? 

MARSHALL – My favorite OTO taco has to be the nopales taco from The Taco Stand (wow – how many more times can I say taco in a sentence?). This taco is entirely vegan if you substitute the cheese for their yummy pinto beans – and then you have even more protein! Trust me, this taco is stuffed. Add your favorite salsas and you’re set! Enjoy! 

CJ -While there are many great tacos worthy of this award, there’s only one place that provides a true taco Tuesday party experience. The District Lounge offers all-you-can-eat tacos as well as cheap beer and tequila. Better yet, they boast the biggest outdoor dining area in Old Towne so it’s fun and safe!  

ANDREA – Everyone has already named the usual suspects for amazing tacos, but sometimes when I want something really comforting I hit up Rutaz for their potato tacos. One of my best friends from high school used to bring them to me for lunch, freshly made by her mom, on game days and having them at Rutaz just brings back some great memories. I usually make these at home when we have a bunch of leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving. 

For our auditory learners, this week’s podcast is a sit down with your A Circle in a Square co-hosts Alex and Lindsay and our Get Community team member Faathi to discuss their favorite OTO tacos and do a send-off for the season two finale of A Circle in a Square. We want to thank our listeners for coming back to the podcast each week and highly recommend going back and picking up the episodes you haven’t heard yet. This is only a temporary goodbye – we’re excited to come back soon! In the meantime, if you have any ideas for guests for the podcast, let us know by DMing us on our Instagram or Facebook!

What OTO taco is your favorite? Leave us a comment on our Instagram or Facebook and then try one of our duplicate recipes this week. Thank you for reading as always and have a great week everyone!

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