Staff Shares: Lessons We’ve Learned in Quarantine

How are you doing today, our lovely blog readers? The question is rhetorical, of course, but leave us a comment on any of our socials! This week, we have a fun post for you because you will be hearing from all of our I Heart Old Towne Orange team members! We wanted to talk about lessons this week and more specifically, lessons we learned during quarantine. 

During such a long period of isolation and restrictions, we identified silver linings and lessons that have made this time feel like a growth period, not just a pause. Our team has some insights that we think might invite some joy into your day, so read on for our thoughts! 

Shauna: If I’ve taken anything out of quarantine, it’s learning to hang out with myself. My days no longer revolve around making sure I have plans to avoid being bored or feeling lonely. I think it’s good to realize alone time is not only “okay” but it’s something we all need more of. One thing I started doing these past few months was getting to know my neighborhood (in Orange!) by taking walks every day. No matter how many times I take the same route, I notice something new and charming about this small town. 

Andrea: I’ve learned to take time to slow down. Prior to the quarantine orders kicking in, I was always on the go. Basically, I was only home to sleep. While having a packed schedule may seem like you’re making the most of your time, relaxing with a face mask and a glass of wine is just another version of living your best life. It’s definitely about balance, and making a point to take time to smell the roses is essential. I also love hiking and am always looking for cool new destinations to enjoy the outdoors. Now that I’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve had the time to explore the hundreds of trails that are in my city. 

Marshall: For me, one of the biggest things I have learned and been working on is patience. A lot of things are taking time. Whether that is waiting for COVID-19 test results, waiting to see friends, waiting for food to be ready from Thai Towne, or feeling like life is generally on a pause, practicing my patience has been important for my mental health. To do this, I have been trying to look forward to the little things and celebrate mini victories, like taking a hike, writing a song, editing a TikTok, or catching up with an old friend via FaceTime. Here’s hoping I come out of quarantine a more patient person! ????

Kelly: I think you’ll see some running themes in our answers and for me, the biggest takeaway is just slowing down and taking the time to cook more of our family meals. Really paying attention to the ingredients and taking the time to prep and put love into the food I’m preparing. I love to cook anyway, but I have so much more time, being at home, to do it well. And, now that I’m home and not rushing the morning routine to get to the office, as well as being here for lunch most of the time, I’m cooking a lot more. This means that I have even more influence over what my fam is putting into their bodies and I enjoy serving up delicious dishes…oh, and running a thriving business on the side!

Kylie: The big thing I’ve learned is that I really do have the time to do the things I love! Quarantine has given me the opportunity to embark on projects that I’ve put on the shelf. To date, I’ve knitted three blankets, a sweater, and several hats and scarves since March. I’ve even taken up ballet and staff spinning! While I can’t do some of the things that I love like seeing my friends and train aerial silks at the gym, I’ve been able to find new opportunities to do them. I was even able to set up a silk in Santa Monica to train while maintaining social distancing.

Lindsay: This is the time to be inventive! Learn a new skill, tackle that DIY project, work on the novel. Instead of putting energy towards anxious or discouraging thoughts, use it towards something you’ve been wanting to do, but never had the time before. 

Alex: Something I’ve been working on in quarantine is maintaining my relationships. I used to catch up with my loved ones in person but since that isn’t happening at the moment, I’ve been calling them, texting more regularly, writing letters, and having virtual Netflix parties to strengthen those bonds. 

This week, Lindsay and Alex got to reflect even more than the rest of us because they recorded a podcast all about lessons in quarantine. Throughout Season 2 of A Circle in a Square we have had some amazing guests that brought unique and diverse life perspectives to the table (a.k.a the Zoom call). Alex and Lindsay went back to relive some of their favorite lessons from our guests and produced the Season 2 highlight reel we’ve needed! Enjoy it below or stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Pandora!

Thank you all for joining us on the blog this week. We hope your quarantine has been filled with a lesson or two, or you could learn one from us! We can’t thank our readers enough for always coming back, commenting, and loving Old Towne Orange with us. Have a great week everyone and we will see you soon!

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