The Ultimate Old Towne Orange Bucket List

There is an endless amount of things to do in OTO! Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’re a long time local, you can experience a day full of enjoyment when you head down to the Plaza. This week, we are sharing our Ultimate Old Towne Orange Bucket List with you all. This list contains food, drinks, entertainment, and more! Even better yet, most of these things are social distancing-safe and for the ones that aren’t yet, make sure to write them down on your own bucket list, add to it, and save it for the future!

A Fountain Picture

This one is obviously our #1 must-do item on the bucket list. Every local has a fountain picture, every Chapman U student has a fountain picture, and soon you will too! The fountain is a symbol to all who travel through the heart of the City of Orange and it’s beauty is a big bonus. Fun Fact: The fountain that can be found in the Plaza today is not the original OTO fountain. The original fountain can be found and enjoyed behind Orange Public Library on Chapman Avenue. Check it out!

A Dessert Tour

There are so many yummy dessert shops in OTO, so make it a tour! Stop by Afters for ice cream, Pandor for a sweet or savory crepe, Cupcakery and Co for cupcakes and vegan-friendly doughnuts (although we are not entirely sure if they are open anymore), and then stop by Watson’s to get a creamy malt shake. A dessert tour is the best adventure for those with a sweet tooth and makes for a perfect date night or night with the kids. Have fun!

Try Every Restaurant

Trying every restaurant will be a feat, as OTO is home to a very large selection of dining options. But hey, the bucket list can’t be too easy. Start at one restaurant and slowly eat your way around the circle over time. Or rank the restaurants by your interest and go by that! No matter what, supporting the local businesses in Orange is so important, and we encourage you to – at least try – dining at every restaurant. This week, Kelly got close! Kelly hopped on the podcast to share her recent OTO dining experiences and tips on how to make yours even smoother! She shared how important a reservation is and the best days of the week to make one. Check out the podcast here!

On our bonus podcast episode, Kelly shared the rumored opening date of Philz Coffee (update: Philz is now open and hoppin’), the new highly anticipated coffee shop coming to OTO. 

Street Fair 2021

Of course, the International Street Fair didn’t happen in 2020 but it is a must-do in Orange! The Street Fair creates an amazing cultural experience for all visitors and is filled with food from all over the world. You could spend hours exploring each “country” so make sure to come hungry! We don’t yet know what’s going to happen for 2021 Street Fair but we’ve been having a great time preparing with our Street Fair Pint Glasses. 

pint glasses for orange international street fair

Buy yours today right HERE!

Try Every Coffee / Tea Shop

Similar to the restaurants, OTO is home to so many unique and delicious coffee shops. On your list, be sure to include Contra, Portola Coffee Roasters, and Oiio Cafe for a unique variety of wonderful drinks! I’m thirsty!

See a Production at the Musco Center for the Arts

We had to add this experience to the bucket list. The production schedule at the Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman University is always outstanding and the venue is even more beautiful. Parking is easily accessible on the Chapman U campus and is a quick walk to the theater. For future updates when live shows return, visit their website.

Experience the Holiday Cheer 

Old Towne Orange loves the holidays more than most cities we know and you will need to cross this one off your list to complete our OTO bucket list! The tree lighting ceremony that happens each December is full of music, cheer, and of course, lights! The decorations that line the Circle/Plaza are even more beautiful and provide another fantastic photo opp!

Adopt a Plant

Lastly, on our list, we can’t leave behind the joy of adopting a plant. This bucket list item is in the clear for all college students, busy workers, or retired folks alike. You can adopt a plant this week at The Potting Shed by Carlisle, Dragonfly Shops and Garden, and in the back of Country Roads Antiques. Adopt a plant, and you’ve completed the bucket list!

Thank you so much for coming back to the blog this week folks! We had so much fun sharing our favorite bucket list items with you, and have confidence that with time you will be able to complete your own Old Towne bucket list. We hope you all have an outstanding day and we will see you around towne!

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