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The audio universe of podcasting has taken leaps and bounds recently, increasingly in the last couple of years. Podcasting, or “audio blogging” as it was known in the 80s, started as a way to deliver audio content to the listener who could not listen live or who wanted to relisten to a catalog of episodes. 

As handheld audio devices such as the iPod came into the existence, with an open market for app developers, podcasts became downloadable for on-the-go easy listening. Today, there are more than 1,500,000 podcasts available across the internet, and that number is growing daily!

Here at I Heart OTO, we love podcasts! If you didn’t know by now, we have a podcast of our own called A Circle in a Square which shares the stories of the people, places, and things we love in Old Towne Orange and beyond. We highly encourage you to stream seasons one and two now! 

This week, we asked the I Heart team to give us some of their podcast recommendations. We know that there could be holiday flights, long drives, and airport hangouts coming up that will need to be fueled by some entertainment, and what better to pass the time than a podcast? So without further ado, here is our podcast catalog. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Skimm’d from the Couch.

Drea: Current fave is Skimm’d from the Couch. Highly recommended if you love hearing stories about women entrepreneurs and their success stories. #GIRLPOWER 

Photo Credit: Sibling Revelry

Kelly: Lately I’ve been hooked on Sibling Revelry with Kate and Oliver Hudson. I love their energy, and they’re always interviewing other famous siblings. Since I’m in business with my sibling, it’s fun to listen to them and how they engage with each other, AND get the scoop on celebrities lives. 

Photo Credit: Dirty John

Lindsay: Dirty John and Dr. Death are very entertaining if you’re into the darker mysteries to get you by on a long road trip! If you’re also into the spooky pods, That’s Why We Drink is super fun!

Photo Credit: Just A Tip

Shauna: I am honestly not an avid podcast listener, though I will listen to Megan Batoon’s charismatic voice in any form. For those of you who don’t know, Megan is a professional dancer gone YouTuber who is now transitioning into an interior designer. She truly does it all and miraculously has had time to make a podcast along the way called Just A Tip. She, and whoever her guest is for the week, go over life advice in a comedic yet very serious way that will make you want to take notes throughout each episode. Some notable guests include Rebecca Black, Alyson Stoner, LaurDIY, and more! 

Photo Credit: Reply All

Alex: My friend told me how much I would love Reply All, and it’s been sooo good. Reply All was originally “about the internet,” but has evolved into a genre-expanding podcast about the human condition. You never really know what adventure you’ll be taken on when you press play! 

Photo Credit: The Daily

Marshall: It’s a little basic, but my favorite podcast right now has been The Daily by The New York Times. In a frenzied state of the world right now, The Daily has been capturing some of the most engaging and world-changing news, such as the 2020 election and the coronavirus pandemic. The host, Michael Barbaro, does a great job of challenging his interviewees with questions that we are all thinking, and bringing on experts that can explain difficult topics in simple terms. He always interviews from opposing arguments, and tries to prioritize facts over opinions. If you are invested in the state of our country right now, check out The Daily.

Photo Credit: The Bitch Bible

If you are looking for a break from the news, my other recent podcast find is Dear Media’s The Bitch Bible, which always makes me laugh out loud. Whether Jackie is discussing celebrity gossip, the Real Housewives of New York, or her marriage, she does it with her witty snap and unapologetic opinions. 

Photo Credit: Song Exploder

Kylie: Ever wonder what the story is behind your favorite songs? Then you should check out Song Exploder! Every episode is an in-depth interview with an artist about one of their songs. The cool part is that they’ll take the song apart piece by piece as they discuss each element, and at the end of the episode they’ll play the song in its entirety. Not only will you discover new artists, but you’ll also hear elements of songs you’ve never noticed before! Two of my favorite episodes feature Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac discussing “Go Your Own Way,” and Lorde sharing the story of her song, “Sober.” (P.S. It’s also a show on Netflix now!)

Take one of our recommendations with you on your holiday travel this month! We hope you enjoy one of these awesome podcasts, AND be sure to check out A Circle in a Square streaming on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Have a great weekend everyone! Remember to stay safe, and we will see you around Towne.

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