What’s Next for I Heart? I Need Your Advice.

Hi friends, it’s me, Kelly. Did you know that I’ve been working the I Heart Old Towne Orange beat for about 11 years now? How crazy is that?!? For those of you that have been along for the ride, I’m sure it seems like time has flown right on by. And if you’ve just joined our close-knit community then I’m glad you’re getting to know us. If you want to catch up on my ‘why’ and who I am, read about that here.

Here’s the thing…it’s time for a change, and I need your advice. I feel like I’ve talked about it all when it comes to Old Towne Orange, and many times over! I want to check in with YOU, my readers, watchers and listeners. I’m asking for your feedback. What do you want to read about? What topics interest you? I’m open to hearing what you like and dislike about the I Heart Old Towne Orange blog, Facebook and Instagram communities, the podcast, as well as our shop and anything else related to this community.  Whether you have input for me in a positive or constructive direction, I’m ready to hear it and pivot or maybe stay right here in this lane. If nobody has anything to say, then maybe it’s time to move on? Just being real here, I really want to know if what we’re talking about over here at I Heart brings value to you. If it doesn’t, then what would? Feel free to post a comment at any time, and post multiple if you are moved, I will read them all.

There are other sites out there like Orange Buzz and Orange Talk, but I am NOT like those groups, and I have no intention of becoming like them. Whatever direction we go in, it’s going to be a positive one. I (me, Kelly) am all about positivity and if you like a good Pollyanna tune, then you are definitely in the right place. I’m not here to small business shame or big business shame. If Starbucks wants to be in the Plaza, more power to them. I want all businesses to succeed, we need them.

Now, let’s talk about money for a second too. This is a business after all. Is there content that I could deliver to you that would be worth $5/month? What would that be because I’d be willing to give a shot at creating that for you? Throw your ideas out there, I’m all ears! What about merchandise in the shop, I’d happily start creating more designs for you. Take note that I’m not a brick and mortar, I Heart is a website and online community only, and I’m not going to open a store any time soon (well, ever), I’m a digital gal and sticking to it.

It’s the 20s and the team and I are ready to shake it up, but we want you right there along for the ride. I’ll be going live tomorrow (Friday, the 17th of January, 2020) on Facebook at 9:30 am PST. Tune in, chime in and pipe up!!

Join us on our Facebook page tomorrow, click right here to find us!

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