Earn Your Second Chance with Criminal Defense Attorney Meghan Taylor

Meghan Taylor, criminal defense attorney, said that there is nothing that can shock her. When it comes to friends, family, and clients, she is the person that will listen without judgement and then says, “Okay now let’s figure out what we are going to do about it.” 

When we talked with Meghan on the phone, she told us, “Getting a criminal defense attorney is like life insurance. Hopefully you don’t ever need it – but it’s great to have if you do.” But for Meghan, who operates out of her office in Old Towne Orange (just a few blocks from the I Heart office), she says that the work she does is about forming a one-on-one relationship with her clients and helping them clean up their past so they can move on to living their most productive lives. Let’s jump in.

Meghan says she has always felt a connection to the Orange community. She is a graduate of Chapman Fowler Law School, where she met her husband, and they now live in Old Towne Orange with their three kids. Meghan shared that the convenience of living here means that she doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of getting all of the kids in the car to go get a bite to eat, and instead she can just have the family walk down to the circle to grab food. Meghan’s favorite restaurants are El Ranchito, Gabbi’s when she is feeling fancy, and Philz, of course!

“If someone recommends a restaurant outside of Orange, I don’t want to get in my car. Living here spoils you!” she shared. We couldn’t agree more!

Throughout her 11 years as an attorney, Meghan has helped clients from Orange County, Riverside, Long Beach, and beyond. More than likely, someone you know at some point is going to be arrested. It might be for something small or something big, but either way it is important to be able to go to someone you trust. Most people start by Googling and finding megafirms that are usually trying to close cases as quickly as possible. But when it comes to Meghan, she is a solo practitioner, meaning you get her when you hire her. You are guaranteed a one-on-one connection that can transform your experience with criminal law. She handles the case from start to finish, and she is the first and only person you are in contact with for the duration of your case. 

Meghan shared that the most heart-warming part of her job is helping people close a past chapter in their lives. Many of her clients come to her with a case that happened in their past, often something that could prevent them from advancing their professional lives, such as getting a job or applying to medical school. Her ability to guide someone through this process and see it through is always her favorite part of the job. 

“I want to make it so people do not have to check the ‘yes’ box on a job application when it asks if they have ever been convicted of a felony,” said Meghan. 

Meghan argues that hiring an attorney does not have to be a difficult process. She has worked for Chapman students, Old Towne Orange residents, and many more, and wants to fight the stigma that a criminal law attorney is unattainable. To refute the thought that criminal law attorneys are trying to nickel and dime their clients, Meghan offers free consultations to get guidance for your case. There is no obligation or money exchanged until you decide to move forward. 

The best way to reach Meghan is by phone (949.734.0387), email, or the contact form on her website. She answers her own phones, so give her a call for your free consultation today. For those concerned with COVID, Meghan has access to the courts that the public does not and will know how to navigate your case through the new COVID guidelines. 

When we asked Meghan what motivated her she said, “Ya know, half of the time when I’m talking to someone, they’re in tears. It’s the most frightening thing they’ve ever been through. The most common feedback that makes me feel fulfilled is, ‘I felt so much calmer and better after talking to you. I’m going to get through this.’ And when the case is over, they usually come out the other side thinking it wasn’t so bad and everything is going to be alright. I like to think I’m that kind of friend. You can come to me with tough stuff.”

If you or anyone you know is in need, consider calling Meghan today. She is our neighbor and friend, and knows our community like no one else. Have a great week everyone, and we will see you around Towne!


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