I work, wife and mom. I’m an entrepreneur, a mompreneur and I recently added (and coined the term, proudly) sibpreneur – since my brother and I started a company together in 2011.  Once upon a time, I worked my way up in an advertising agency from receptionist to Executive VP, yay me!! 13 years later I ventured out on my own to see what I could make for myself in this big, small world. I live 2 blocks from the border of Old Towne Orange. A border (yes, a distinct border!) which I cross as often as I possibly can. I’ve lived here since 2012, but it only took me a day to fall in love with The Circle (Plaza to some) and all it had to offer. I watched and enjoyed as Old Towne Orange went through a major renaissance. There was a time, before I had a teenager, that I didn’t really shop in Old Towne Orange, because while I find antiques to be unique and beautiful, they just weren’t my personal style and OTO didn’t offer much else. Luckily for me, that’s all changed. Now, I can find almost anything that I’m looking for…great food, great bars, cute boutiques and antiques, gifts galore, ice cream and more (can we get a butcher shop though?)!  It’s really evolved and become a place that has something to offer for every generation.

In early 2009, I was pondering the wonderful world of Social Media (which is now, my life) and I was trying to figure out how I could apply social media to something I really loved, to see what could come of it. I thought of 2 things: Food and Old Towne Orange. I do admit, I thought of food first and ventured into my first sibpreneur collaboration launching a social network called ‘youfoody.’  It was a fun experience and I learned a lot about how social networks work. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that I started really thinking about starting this blog and, of course, Facebook for Old Towne Orange.  I did a little research to see what others were doing for our great community and was shocked to come up with nada and I mean zilch!  The City’s website has just a one-pager about our downtown, there weren’t any other blogs, media channels, nothing specifically for OTO. Unbelievable and a great opportunity for me!

So, here I am and I truly heart Old Towne Orange. I started this adventure on my own time and my own dime and built it to what it is today, what I hope is a great social community that we can all enjoy together. It’s led me down a path that I’m excited to keep following, leaving every door open to whatever opportunity comes my way. I hope you enjoy reading along but most of all, I hope you are inspired to frequent OTO more often and explore all its wonderful restaurants, galleries, shops, AND antique stores!


P.S. The people behind this community started as a party of one (that’s me!) but the team has grown to a party of EIGHT. That’s right, there are 8 of us making the I Heart beast run like a smooth sailing cruise…well most of the time. These amazing folks make up about half of our company at Get Community. Get Community is my sibpreneur life. At our heart, we’re a digital marketing company that primarily serves new home builders and master-planned community developers in the construction industry.

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  1. Although my business is not in Old Town I feel the same way you do about the Circle or the Plaza as some people call it. Keep up the good work Kelly and thank you for sharing your love of Old Towne.

  2. Great Job Kelly – I have lived here 40 years and have always loved Old Town. I too call it the circle 🙂 I love that you started this facbook page, and I will be a faithful follower. GREAT JOB!!

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I am a local who has lived in the neighborhood just beyond Old Towne Orange for the last almost 18 years…I too have seen a lot of changes…mostly fabulous ones…to keep me local…as I have raised my kids, walked my dogs, and met many good friends frequenting local restaurants and shops!!

    Please check out Blessings…owner Connie Liles is a pleasure, as is her lovely staff…she has many special items for the home…and has recently brought in “dog art” among other special art from local artist Jason Roe…for all of us local dog walkers it is fun to see these happy pictures as we stroll along in Old Towne…check it out and let me know what you think!!

    Thanks for thinking of and putting to work this great new fan page!!

  4. Lesley, I will absolutely visit Blessings, I’ve shopped in there many times over the years and love it. Thanks everyone for your kind notes above. I’ve already met so many great people just in the last month, it’s kind of crazy, but so much fun…which was the point in the beginning. I for sure have to hit the whole ‘dog art’ angle, very unique! Best, Kelly

  5. Kelly – great website and awesome promotion of OTO. From my days at Chapman and now a friendly neighbor of Orange (Santa Ana), I frequent OTO for food and shopping. Love it! And, it needs more love too…. keep up the good work! let’s do a frogs breath tasting soon! ~Kathy Nichols

  6. Hi Kelly! I think your website and fan page on facebook are wonderful! There is so much to love about Old Towne Orange and what a great idea to have a site promoting events and shared love for the area. I am a member of a young women’s group called the Orange Blossoms Auxiliary, affiliated with the Assistance League of Orange, and we are hosting our 5th annual “Taste of Orange” fundraiser on Sunday, April 25 from 4-7pm at the Assistance League Chapter House (124 South Orange Street). The admission is only $25 pre-sale, $30 at the door and there will be live jazz music, a silent auction, and several fabulous local restaurants serving food, wine and beer samples… including Orange Blossom Ale!

    All proceeds benefit our philanthropic projects, some of which include “Project Girl” – helping high-risk and underserved girls in Orange by providing programs that promote healthy growth, offer inspiration, teach self-respect and encourage literacy, Ronald McDonald House – serving meals to the families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their children are seeking treatment at CHOC, Mariposa Women & Family Center – doing crafts and activities with children at the transitional women’s shelter, and Save Our Soles (S.O.S.) – donating shoes to children in need.

    Please let me know if you would be willing to post a story about our event! I can send you some photos from last year along with our invitation, our committed restaurant sponsors and our website, which will soon have paypal capabilities so that people can donate and purchase tickets to the fundraiser online! I’m very excited for this year’s Taste of Orange, and I really think that you and your fans would enjoy the event!

  7. Hi Kelly ~ Wow, terrific job you’re doing here in OTO through the world of Social Media! And I couldn’t agree more; no offense to our City’s web site maven, but yeah, it could use a wee bit more community coziness. =)

    Because of my involvement working with seniors at The Orange Senior Center, I, too, thought their little community needed to be shared. Thus, http://www.facebook.com/orangemovingroovinseniors was born a few months ago in order to raise awareness of what they do and how wonderful a place it truly is!

    Keep up the great work…your passion is infectious.

  8. Hey Kelly, the Circle is the thing! i was born & raised in Orange & even though i bought a home in Corona (wierdly enough it’s The Circle City) i still return for most major events: The Street Fair, Treats in the Streets, etc. (my kids first train rides were from Corona to Orange for burgers and malts at Watson’s!) Thanks for such an informative blog for us who truly love Old Town (aka The Circle of) Orange!

  9. Hello Kelly! Absolutely love the website! As a student at Chapman, it often frustrates me how few of my fellow students know about the variety of things in OTO, but this site has helped to change all that. I have to say that one of my favorite categories is events, simply because there is so much to do hear in Orange that one can participate in if only they knew it was happening. So keep up the excellent work, because it’s sites like these that help to keep communities thriving.

    Daniel Brennan

  10. Hi Kelly,

    Went to your Blog Class last week and learned a lot! I enjoyed your blog and you have an adorable daughter. My passion is politics and I would like to start a blog dealing in politics and awarement. Also think it’s great you feature animal adolption. There are so many animals in OC Animal Shelter that need loving homes. Keep up the good work.


    Annette Collins

  11. I have lived and worked as a ceramic artist in Old Town Orange for 30 years and have always loved it here but love it even more since I’ve been learning more about it from you. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It has made me feel more a part of a community.

    April Gadler

  12. Can I just say THANK YOU for all the wonderful work you’re doing? I fell in love with Old Town Orange too, and am hoping to move within walking distance of the circle shortly. It’s the kind of small town community you’d never expect to find here in sprawling suburbia and what you’re doing with this website, and newsletter, and social media, adds to that.

  13. I’ve always passed Orange going to Irvine but haven’t really gone downtown. I think I would enjoy strolling along Old Towne. Maybe on my next trip down Southern California, I’ll stop by your city.

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