I Asked and Boy, Did You Answer

Hello, my beautiful community! I went LIVE on Facebook last Friday to get feedback from all of YOU, and boy did you deliver the goods! Wow, thank you so much for showing up for me and giving me a little of your time to help me shape the future of I Heart. Orange for effort!

We took your comments and summed them up into these basic ideas.

Your Reasons for Tuning In

  1. Seeing what’s new (events, happenings, current squawk on the block)
  2. Discovering hidden gems
  3. Hearing from locals (business owners, people stories)
  4. Feeling close to the community

A Few Things That Sparked Your Interest

  1. Reviews (food and shopping)
  2. Interviews (resident, student, biz owners)
  3. Clubs and organizations
  4. Perspective writing, different points of view
  5. Stickers

A Couple Things That Turned You Off

  1. Movie reviews (but we are thinking of reviewing films made by students in Chapman’s Dodge College)
  2. The length of my video, lol – ok, only a couple of you said that but hey, I had a big message to convey, and my method totally worked, so thank you!)

Ideas You’re Interested In

  1. Better photography (ok, I’m with you on that!)
  2. More video content
  3.  Content about local street artists
  4. Behind the scenes content (chefs cooking, day in the life, merchant or resident takeovers)

Here’s Where We’re Headed

Well, with all of that said and done, I’ve made a few executive decisions around here and you’re all the first to know. Over the next few months you’ll start seeing some changes with the I Heart brand, nothing too crazy, and we won’t harass you with movie reviews. However, we are going to start focusing more on the people and stories that make this place so unique. Expect to read, see and hear from people that have cool things to share, whether that be stories of days gone by that you may have never heard to why Bosscat has decided to call Old Towne Orange home. We’ll seek out the stories, let the telling unfold and share them with you, my friends.

Here’s Where You Come In

If all of this sounds right up your alley and you are IN on staying connected to I Heart, then I am giving you the opportunity to show it, and I’ve got some very fun things to give you back in return. I will be sharing bonus content about Old Towne Orange with our I Heart Friends and Family. I’ll be launching a Sticker of the Season club for you and I’ll be pulling together special deals from our Old Towne Orange merchants that you can ONLY GET by supporting I Heart through Patreon.

Do me a favor and dive into my I Heart Insiders Patreon page and see if there’s a level that makes you feel good and excited.

Thanks, everybody and stay tuned, we’ve got some really fun content coming your way.

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