Are You Loving Your SELF Enough?

It’s still February, so that means we are still talking about love, baby! This week we are focusing on your #1 main squeeze: your SELF, xoxo. If there’s one thing I’ve been learning lately, it’s how to love myself better (more on this in a sec). When you read on further into this piece, our team is going to share how each person gives themselves a little love, but first, I’m going to share a little story about moi, that’s me for you non-French speakers. 

Lately, I’ve been traveling down quite the tunnel of self-discovery. I went dry in January, which has continued into February. That means I’ve been sober for nearly two months! Other than during my two pregnancies, this has never happened in my adulthood. I want you to know that this period of sobriety has been AWE-mazing and EYE-opening. My husband and I usually go dry each January just to detox the holidays, but then we head right back into our usual pace of hanging and drinking with friends, wine with dinner, and just to come down from the day. You know, life. 

During this dry season, I also started Whole 30, which has now transitioned into Whole 60 and likely into the majority of Whole Life. I’m not saying I won’t drink again, because I will, but what I am saying is that everything has changed in my headspace. Maybe because I was ready for this change, maybe because I put it out to the universe that I was open to it, but I have changed. And, self-care is to blame. I have learned that self-care isn’t just about what you are eating or not drinking. It’s also about meditation (which could be a whole other topic for later) which I have started doing daily. I used to meditate here and there, but now I’d call it a daily practice that has changed my life, how I behave, and how I feel towards other people and the world. Yes, in a short six-week period of time, meditation has created all of these changes…

Literally, it is life-changing and I highly recommend it. I’ll even share a couple of meditation resources for you at the end.

Self-care is about the little things that you may not even consider self-care. It’s getting a good night’s sleep. It’s taking a bath or even a shower. It’s listening to a podcast or your favorite music in the car when you’re driving to work. I highly recommend finding the joy in these daily practices and making that mental mind shift into a self-care attitude, even if you have to start with the things you are already doing, like brushing your teeth!

If you want to take things a little further when it comes to loving thy self, then here are some ideas from our team, starting with moi!

Kelly Loving Herself Looks Like This…Morning Meditations

I’ve started meditating each morning and it’s really changed my life. It allows me to set my intentions for the day, not to mention my entire life in general. I’m not kidding when I say that I’m manifesting like a crazy lady and I love it!

Products We Heart: Here are the meditations that I use most frequently. This set from Kris Carr is my favorite and I use them all the time. I also really love Gabby Bernstein’s meditation series. Enjoy!

Drea Loves Eye Masks and Rolling with the Jade 

Some nights before bed, I break out my eye masks and cool jade roller to roll away the stress of the day. I don’t think we realize how much tension we can hold in our face and jaw. I love using these tools to release any tensions and get my blood flowing. And eye masks are a luxury item that make me feel like I’m pampering myself before I go to bed. 

Products We Heart: Here’s Drea’s Jade Face Roller, you should treat yourself!

Shauna Loves a Cool Charcoal Face Mask

I like to think of face masks as a metaphor. Wiping the dirt off my face is like wiping a bad day away.

Products We Heart: Here’s the face mask Shauna is using, the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Alex Loves Herself by Gettin’ Groovy

When I’m in a shmood,  I listen to one of my favorite Spotify playlists to lift my spirits!

Products We Heart: These Picun Bluetooth Headphones in Rose Gold are fabulous and come at a bargain price. 

Emily Loving Herself Reads Like This…

When I’m in a bad mood, pulling out my favorite book can help set my mind at ease and take it somewhere else.

Lindsay Loves Herself with Positive Vibes

Surround yourself with positive people! When I’m feeling a lot of negative energy in my life, my friends and family are the peeps that always elevate my mood and pull me out of that toxic headspace. Spend quality time with the people who bring out the best in you and make you feel happy! 

Thank you for tuning into your wellness vibes and loving yourself a little extra today and every day. Sending you off with a namaste.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova