Meet the New Kids on the Block

Wow, I’m going to share with you 7 reasons why it’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood and not one of them has to do with the fabulous sun shining down on us (but we are, in fact, quite happy about that). For the last 10 years, I, Kelly Borgen, have been managing I Heart Old Towne Orange with the help of a slew of awesome interns over the years, but just one at a time. Today, in this moment, that’s all changed and we are buckled in for the ride of our lives. I’d like to introduce our very own New Kids on the Block.

Now, just for clarity, these kids are not really kids, and they are not new to me. However, they are new to you and they are thrilled to start exploring everything I Heart, and everything community with you. Don’t worry, I’m still a part of this fantastic team, but it’s time I turn the reins over to see if we can make I Heart fly, together.

You might be wondering why the heck we are doing this? Here’s why, and I’m going to be straight with you. 

  1. I Heart’s always been a side hustle, a passion project, and the catalyst for me leaving a high-paying executive job and starting my own company. I Heart is special. However, because it’s been a side-hustle, I’ve not committed enough time to make it shine or profit. It’s time now to see what my highly-talented team at Get Community can do with it, so here we are reveling in this moment.
  2. We see the potential in this small community brand. It’s got a lot of heart and we have a lot of heart, so we’re investing in it, and in you. We are going to niche in and scale this puppy to the best of our knowledge and see if we can turn a big profit. I mean, we’re all working to make money to live our big dreamy lives, right? 
  3. We want to Duffy till we drop! What’s that we’re saying? If we are successful, we are going to use the fruits of our profits to get a Duffy boat, and heck, we might even bring some OTO friends along with us for some boating. Now, wouldn’t that be fun??

On the whole ‘we want a Duffy’ note, have you seen our new merch? It’s so flippin’ cute! Go get yours, click here!!!

Ok, it’s time to introduce you to our 7 sensational souls!

Meet Drea

“I fell in love with Orange the first time I took a tour of Chapman University. There’s just something about a small-town atmosphere that reels me in. It was my home for four years while I was in college and I obviously couldn’t stay away because now I work right down the street from the circle.” 

Drea’s one of my Account Directors at Get Community. She lived in Orange for 4 years when she attended Chapman University. She worked at Pilates Encore before I swooped her up and has spent many a dark night at The D.

Meet Shauna

“For someone who isn’t from Orange and is completely uncomfortable with change, Old Towne had just enough small-town charm that made my terrifying transition of growing up not so terrifying. Now I love it here and can’t wait to share my perspective with all of you.” 

Shauna also lived in Orange for 3 years while she attended Chapman University (I just love those Chapman grads!). She now works with us, just outside Old Towne Orange, as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and claims to have consumed an abnormal amount of Thai Towne Eatery.

Meet Alex

“Growing up I loved vintage and secondhand treasures, so I would frequent the Antique Mall with friends to browse all the eclectic goodies. Now that I work so close to this charming area,  I’m excited to experience the strong sense of community and hidden gems in OTO!“

Alex has admittedly never lived in Orange, but she works here now, which means it’s her home away from home. She’s one of our Digital Copywriters and has an addiction for iced treats from Contra Coffee and Urth Caffe. She also can’t leave Deelux without spending money, it’s truly impossible. 

Meet CJ

“When I told people in Crested Butte, Colorado that I was moving to the West Coast they said I was crazy. However, I have been fortunate in creating meaningful ‘small-town relationships’ in Old Towne and I spend less time in the car than I did when I lived in the mountains!” 

CJ is our visual storyteller in all things video here at Get Community, and you’ll be seeing a lot of his work when it comes to Old Towne Orange. Hang on to your hats and glasses folks, because CJ’s gonna bring you one stimulating visual ride. 

Meet Lindsay

Disclaimer: this girl LOVES food. Not only does the circle look like it’s straight out of a Gilmore Girls episode, but it is seriously one of the tastiest places to be!”

Lindsay is basically our head honcho of all things written word. It doesn’t leave this place until her hawk eyes have scanned the page. She daydreams of Buttermilk Chicken and The Taco Stand on the daily and doesn’t mind washing those down with something sweet from Urth. 

And You Already Know Me, Kelly

“Old Towne Orange is an essential part of my life. It’s what makes home, home. It’s special and the community is a great part of what makes that so. I’m excited to see where my dream team takes this brand and to share all the love with each and every one of you.”

These are the new kids on the block that will be bringing you fun, interesting, gossipy, factual and opinion-based content from now on. Yippee!!

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