Sweets and Treats in Old Towne Orange

If you had a meal without dessert, did the meal really happen? Also, who said sweets are only for dessert? We’re all about the “treat yo self” mentality and firmly believe that you should be able to consume delectable treats anytime of the day (in moderation, none of us are the Cookie Monster). 

With all the delicious sweets and treats popping up all over Old Towne Orange, it’s hard to not give in to your sugar cravings and try everything your heart desires. That’s where we come in! The IHOTO team picked out their favorite splurge-worthy treats in Old Towne Orange that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Kelly’s Pick – The Heart-Shaped Raspberry Tart from Pandor Artisan Bakery and Cafe

Buttery and flaky, this raspberry tart’s crust MELTS in your mouth! Also, we’ve never seen a tart in such a cute shape! A decadent fruity treat that’s insta-worthy? BRB, need to post this to our Instagram story. 

Lindsay’s Pick – Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake from Burger Parlor

Cereal mixed with ice cream? It sounds like something a 10-year-old dreamed up and we’re all about it! Imagine washing down a savory burger with a creamy vanilla shake mixed with pieces of arguably one of the best cereals to ever exist. Shut up and take our money! 

Emily’s Pick – New York Cheesecake from Urth Caffe

This dense and incredibly creamy delight is a dessert staple for a reason. We love how the strawberry adds a bit of brightness to the overall taste. Urth has a variety of amazing desserts to pick from, but we keep coming back to this east coast classic.

Shauna’s Pick – Cereal Killer Pie from Pie Hole

It’s hard to deny the appeal of pie for breakfast when Pie Hole has created this fruity and creamy concoction! The crust is made from crushed up cereal and features a velvety cream- cheese base with sugary cereal mixed in. Our inner child is jumping for joy! 

Drea’s Pick – Cookie Monster Ice Cream from Afters

This flavor is one of Afters’ top sellers and we ABSOLUTELY know why. This blue-hued treat is a unique spin on the traditional Cookies n’ Cream ice cream. We highly recommend getting an Oreo or Cookie Crisp topping to really get the full cookie experience.

Whether you partake in treats throughout the day or like to end your meal with a sugar rush, we hope our favorite picks narrow down your choices when it comes to finding the perfect dessert in Old Towne Orange! 

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