New Decade, New Resolutions

Welcome to 2020! We’re so ready for the new year and all the exciting possibilities this new decade may bring. We know resolutions may seem trite and unrealistic, but these resolutions are simple yet may still leave a positive impact on your life.

Bring some green into your home!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, plants inside your home is a must! Adding a bit of green into your home is said to relieve stress and make you more productive. But for me, it adds color into my home and c’mon, how can you not smile when looking down on your little succulents. In Old Towne Orange we are blessed with so many fabulous shops that sell greenery! If you’re not sure what type of plant would fit perfectly into your home, ask someone at The Potting Shed or The Dragonfly and they’d be happy to share their plant passion/knowledge with you.

Reduce your waste!

While reducing the family’s waste sounds like a daunting task, there are a few simple adjustments to your everyday routine that will make a huge impact. For example, you can swap our your paper towels for rags or hand towels. You can start bringing those reusable grocery bags into the store with you, instead of forgetting them in the car and opting for plastic grocery bags (which I am totally guilty of!). Another easy way to reduce your waste is by purchasing reusable sandwich bags. I saw these as a white elephant present this season, and immediately went online to Amazon and purchased them. I’m ready to ditch the Ziploc bags and pack snacks in these reusable baggies. I’m linking the ones I purchased here, but there are so many different kinds available online and in stores!

Try a new recipe!

If you’re an amateur chef or cooking is your passion, trying a new recipe is a fun activity to brighten up your day. It’s always exciting to add another recipe to your repertoire of dishes to prepare for your friends or family. Luckily for you, we have a whole Farmers Market Fresh Recipes Guide that you can download here. That guide is full of recipes that call for fresh ingredients from our very own Orange Home Grown Farmers Market!

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Volunteer in the community!

We wrote a whole blog post about how and where to give back during the holiday season. However, volunteering in the community should be a year-round activity. Volunteering is a great way to do something kind and selfless, and it also is a great way for our kids to get involved in the community as well. It is a great life lesson for your kids to start volunteering now, so they know just how much it matters to give back to the community. In case you missed it, check out our blog post about volunteering in the community here.

Treat yourself with kindness!

I think sometimes we focus so heavily on being kind to others, we forget how to treat ourselves! Remember to stop throughout the week and take time for yourself. I love scrolling on Pinterest to find motivational and empowering word graphics. However, my friend does quite the opposite to treat herself with kindness. Every single day my friend takes an hour out of her day to turn off her phone and laptop and does whatever she needs to be happy. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk, or taking a power nap, she always finds a way to refocus herself after a long day. While this may sound impossible to some of us, she swears that it has improved her self-love and says that it is totally worth it.

Try a new restaurant!

There is no denying, we have so many restaurants in Old Towne Orange! While everyone has their faves, break your pattern and try a restaurant you have never been to, or one you don’t frequent as often. Try something on their menu that sounds delish but you’ve never ordered before. This is a fun way to find new favorite dish.

Try meditation or yoga!

Picture from @sunsparkyoga on Instagram

For most people, meditation reduces stress and anxiety and has also been linked to improving memory and focus. Every time I visit SunSpark Yoga, I leave feeling refreshed and more motivated than ever before. SunSpark offers a variety of different classes for different skill and comfort levels. I definitely recommend signing up for a class or attending one of their workshops! If you’re looking for a more personal touch, reach out to Liza at Pilates Encore. I’ve been taking private classes with her for nearly 10 years, we’ve got a regular Thursday thing going, and I love it!

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