Best of 2019, Old Towne Style

This is the last blog post of the decade! Isn’t that crazy? The last decade brought so much love and laughter. I Heart really blossomed over the last decade and I’ve loved watching this community grow over the years. Connecting with you warms my heart and I simply want to thank you all for loving this small piece of Orange with me.

Now for the last blog post of 2019. We decided to look back on some of the most fun things that happened in Old Towne Orange over the year, in our humble opinion.

Urth Caffe opened

To kick off 2019, Urth Caffe finally opened up in Old Towne. After years of waiting, we finally got it! Urth satisfies several of my cravings like their delish Spanish Latte, their entire line up of sweets, and there’s just something about the classic Urth salad, I dream about that thing! This restaurant opened back in January and almost a year later, it’s still super popular. We noticed OTO got A LOT busier after Urth moved in. It’s so exciting to see people who have never even heard about our little town fall in love with its charm once they finally arrive.

A Circle in a Square Podcast premiered

At the end of May, I launched A Circle in a Square Podcast! The first season was full of amazing guests who inspired me with all of their stories. I got to know so many of my neighbors and other small business owners who strive to follow their passions. After talking with all of our guests, I feel so inspired and more connected than ever. Although we might have wrapped our first season, make sure to look out for the second season in 2020!

Snooze, an AM Eatery opened

I was skeptical about Snooze, An AM Eatery for a little while. I just couldn’t bring myself to wait in the ginormous line! But once I saw they had a pancake flight on the menu, I had to dive in. Now, I love going there especially when I’m in the mood for breakfast for lunch. It’s a really fun spot for a team breakfast, too. This was a wonderful addition to OTO and my brunches haven’t been the same since its opening in February!

New parking structure opened

At the end of February, OTO finally got something it desperately needed! MORE PARKING. With all these new businesses opening, finding parking in the Circle seemed impossible. Thankfully, this parking structure opened on Lemon Street right off of Chapman Ave! I park here for Orange Home Grown’s farmers market and whenever I hit any of the restaurants or shops on Chapman Ave. This is a gamechanger for me, and I wish more people knew about this hidden gem!

The Taco Stand opened

When March came around, it brought The Taco Stand. I remember a friend inviting me to have lunch at The Taco Stand for the first time and I thought she was talking about an actual taco stand parked on the sidewalk of Chapman Ave. When we parked, I was shocked to find this new restaurant! The menu is simple but they make sure to do all of their items well! This counter-service restaurant tastes great if you want to pick it up for lunch or eat your food there. I love their salsa bar but I love their quick and friendly service even more!

Fork and Salad opened

To start our summer, Fork and Salad opened and we still can’t get enough. I love to create my meal step by step, so you know these salads are my ideal lunch! It’s such a quick and easy meal, that’s healthy and fresh. Fork and Salad is such a great fit in Old Towne Orange and they use produce from local farms! I honestly believe that it’s our restaurants who shop locally that find greater success, being a part of the community just adds a little bit more magic to the recipes.

Afters opened

Afters starting serving up their sweet ice cream flavors early in the fall and had their official grand opening in November. This ice cream shop is famous for its milky buns, which is ice cream in between a warm glazed donut sliced in half. I usually have to opt-out of the ice cream sandwich and order a scoop of ice cream on its own, just to feel a little healthier! This is a fun ice cream joint, but it’s not the only new ice cream shop that opened in OTO this year. Chunk-N-Chip, located inside The Aussie Bean, also opened this year and it serves artisanal flavors with homemade cookies. It’s also a must-try, good thing we LOVE ice cream!

International Street Fair

This fun-filled weekend will be a highlight every year! People come from all over Southern California to visit Old Towne Orange for this special tradition. I love that more people get to discover the special streets of Old Towne. And hey, the tasty food each booth serves makes the weekend even more magical!

Cheers to a successful 2019 and I can’t wait to kick off the 20s!!!

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