I Heart on the Hunt: Mouth Watering Burger Alert!

It’s burger week at I Heart Old Towne Orange and because BURGERS are such an important food group, we needed 2 weeks to really be thorough about this hunt and get you the goods on OTO burgers. The list of burgers is a long one, from Ruby’s to LinX, to Mead’s, to Felix, everyone’s got a burger on the menu. We did our best, but we couldn’t consume them all. If we missed your favorite burger please add it in the comments and let people know about your burgerlicious location. Let’s get grubbing!

It’s Kelly here and I’m going to kick you off with a few of my favorites, starting with LinX Artisan Sausage. I know, you’re thinking dogs not patties, but they’ve got this ONE burger on the menu and it’s just big, messy and good. We’re talking grilled onions, bacon, avocado, secret sauce, pickles and more. Just look at it! My mouth is literally watering as I write this. Can I have one right now?

LInX Burger
LinX Burger

Next up I’m going to tell you about Bruxie’s burger. It’s waffle style and there’s nothing wrong with that. At Bruxie, you’ll get an Angus Beef Patty with Tillamook Cheddar, Tomatoes, Pickles, Mayo and Crisp Lettuce! It is really  yummy and a nice change from the traditional burger bun. My only recommendation for the Bruxie burger is that you eat it hot, just like you would In n Out, it’s best when consumed right away so the waffle stays crisp!

Bruxie Burger - Photo from @BruxieWaffles Instagram.
Bruxie Burger – Photo from @BruxieWaffles Instagram.

Now we need to take a little trip to the vegetarian side of things. I was so happy to get Mead’s Green Door on my list for the burger hunt. I had their Sriracha Bomb Burger and, oh my, it was so so good! It was hot, and the veggie burger was thick and really good, and then they put this amazing coleslaw on top. I mean, it’s ridiculous and huge, I couldn’t finish it but I wanted to SOOOOO bad! Wowzers, I’ll be back for that one again and again.

Mead's Sriracha Burger
Mead’s Sriracha Burger

My final burger blast for you is from Felix Continental Cafe. This is one greasy burger that I haven’t actually  had in a while, but last time I did, it was pretty darn good. It might be the perfect hangover cure for those of you in need! It’s a big patty slathered in these tiny , crispy shaved potatoes. There’s not much more too it, but it’s certainly worth a try. I believe it’s under $6 to boot!

Felix Burger
Felix Burger

Hey from Jonai! I actually don’t have a real taste for burgers (I know, I must not be an American…how can anyone not like hamburgers??), but I brought a special friend along with me to The Filling Station Cafe to taste test Chef Nacho’s Burger. Chef Nacho’s Burger has a funny name, but it’s a pretty simple, classic burger…two patties with you choice of cheese smooshed in the middle, topped with bacon. This thing was HUGE. I’m not talking double-double from McDonald’s. I’m talking two hefty burger patties…like this thing would not have been edible without a fork and knife for me…which in burger world is a good thing (so I’m told). It was a very juicy looking burger that my friend really really enjoyed. I think he was actually surprised at how much he liked it. So although I wasn’t personally the burger tester for this I Heart on the Hunt, I’d say this burger got some major thumbs up…from people who ought to know. The burger was a slightly pricey $12.50, but worth it for a good quality meal at a nice sit-down place. 

Chef Nacho's Burger from The Filling Station Cafe
Chef Nacho’s Burger from The Filling Station Cafe















I really do like burgers so (unlike some people, cough cough Jonai) I volunteered to try two places for burger week! First stop, Old Towne Grinder! I asked the two guys behind the counter which burger was their favorite & they both recommended the Mama’s Burger so I went for it. So good! It was a really simple burger with the patty, provolone cheese, & grilled onions. It also came with a delicious dipping sauce that really made the burger! 

Mama's Burger from Old Towne Grinder
Mama’s Burger from Old Towne Grinder










My second burger was Omega Drive In on Chapman & Lemon. This place looks a little divey (ok- a lot divey) from the outside but my burger was SO delicious! And huge! I got a regular cheeseburger, fries & a drink and I couldn’t finish it all. Their burgers are charbroiled & come with thousand island dressing tomato & shredded lettuce. It actually reminded me a lot of In-N-Out! Next up at Omega, their zucchini fries! 

Cheeseburger at Omega Drive-In
Cheeseburger at Omega Drive-In












From Renee: You wouldn’t expect too many hamburgers at a bbq joint; I certainly didn’t. Smoqued BBQ only has one burger on the meny, but it is worth a trip! It’s called the “hangover” burger – there’s a fried egg on top – and even without actually having a hangover (thank you very much) it is a delicious blend of flavors that certainly cures hunger, and I imagine it does wonders for a hungry human after a crazy night out.  I couldn’t decide on a side so I ordered both fries and deviled eggs which I would also highly recommend. Altogether the meal was about $10 and was big enough to share. 

Hangover burger from Smoqued
Hangover burger from Smoqued











Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.46.34 PMIt’s Jillian! Have you been to Old Towne Eatery yet? There are new owners, and they will take GREAT care of you! The food here is fresh and that means no hormones and no antibiotics!  That’s always a huge plus, so I was very excited to try their Eatery Burger (all natural 1/3 lb. beef patty, cheddar cheese, 1,000 islands, romaine, onion, and pickles to bun). It was delicious and the fries were perfectly crispy, and I learned that they make all of their sauces in-house! I LOVED their Thousand Island dressing as well as their Ranch dressing! It was a great compliment to my meal, so I left happy and very full! The Mediterranean burger is also very popular, so that’s on my list to try next time! 


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.46.16 PMJillian Part Two: Of course we can’t forget about Haven! There is nothing better than a great burger and a fantastic beer, and I knew I had to have the Haven Burger when we went to celebrate my birthday back in September! Haven’s burger melts in your mouth and basically takes you to burger paradise. The Haven Burger comes with pickled red onions, roasted red bell peppers, wild arugula, st agur cheese, and pommes frites. I usually am drawn to simple burgers, but this combination was on point. Don’t even get me started on their house-made ketchup (I don’t usually like ketchup so this is important to note). Also, Kelly says that the Lamb Burger there is AMAZING!



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