I Heart on the Hunt: Margaritas!

Well, it’s been a rough week here at I Heart OTO, having to hunt around for margaritas and what not. Can you believe we have to do that?!? Haha, we are so lucky! As usual, it was a divide and conquer kind of hunt, so that’s exactly what we did. We hit the streets and found ourselves some salt-rimmed cocktails to tell you about. Here’s the skinny!

Cadillac margarita, Avila's El Ranchito

It’s Ryan here! I’ve joined in on “I Heart on the Hunt” on the best week, Margaritas! I headed over to Avila’s El Ranchito to test out (or should I say re-test) their Cadillac Margarita. Talk about beating the summer heat…a nice tall Margarita on the rocks was perfect. They have numerous margarita options like their Skinny, the Orange Circle, or the House margarita but for me it’s all about the classic Cadillac. It has the strong and fresh flavor a margarita needs and it paired wonderfully with Avila’s Signature Soup. While it was too hot to sit out on the patio with my drink, I still enjoyed the old church-style atmosphere inside. Overall, Avila’s is one of my favorite lunch spots and a great place to meet up after work for an ice cold margarita! $6.25 HH; $7.75


Blended margarita, Citrus City Grille
Blended margarita, Citrus City Grille



Hi! This is Jonai! I made my way to Citrus City Grille for my margarita experience, and they totally delivered! I sat down and ordered my margarita (blended) plain and simple. The waiter even asked if I’d prefer sugar on the rim instead of salt (because I’m so sweet obviously). When he brought the drink out, he apologized profusely because the bartender had made the drink with “a little too much alcohol,” but I wasn’t complaining. It was still delicious! Sitting on the patio on a warm evening, sipping on my sugar-rimmed blended margarita made for a pretty fantastic evening. $8



Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.32.36 PM

Cat here! For my margarita quest, I went over to the Streamliner Lounge to try their Streamliner ‘Rita! If you haven’t been to the Streamliner Lounge or Ruby’s, it’s right next to the train tracks at the historic Santa Fe Depot. For I Heart Followers who kept up with our search for the best Happy Hour in OTO last year in our “Orange You Glad It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere,” you’ll remember that we visited the Streamliner! Watch it HERE! They have a great bar menu including small plates & amazing cocktails! This was my first time having their margarita and it was delicious! I’m more of a traditional margarita person (love that lime), but their signature margarita is made with silver tequila, x-rated fusion liqueur (vodka based with blood orange, passion fruit & mango flavors!) & Streamliner’s signature sour mix. It was a beautiful pink color & quite refreshing! Definitely go check out The Streamliner Lounge if you’ve never been! It’s a great place for big parties, families or happy hours after work!  $8.33

Chili Pepper Margarita

Since most of the OTO spots were taken, I was happy to head to one of my favorite spots in Orange, The Chile Pepper! Located near the corner of Chapman and Main (on S. Main Street), this very colorful restaurant is the best when it comes to a mega-margarita. These guys mean business and they know how to pour one! Not only do you always get an authentic margarita glass filled with the delicious stuff, but the bartender comes along and pours an extra shot of Tequila and a shot of Grand Marnier right there at the table for you! It’s a Cadillac with a capital C, and it’s got a $13.99 price tag to boot! They also have a huge menu, my favorite being the Adobo Chicken Taco, SO good. And, their kids menu cracks me up, my kids get a cheeseburger almost every time. If you haven’t been, then GO, and enjoy. Cheers!! -Kelly 


margIt’s Jillian! I stopped by the lovely Gabbi’s for my margarita hunt. I don’t like my margaritas too sugary, and this House Margarita had the perfect amount of fresh sweetness to really hit the spot! If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try the Jalapeño Margarita. It’s refreshing, a bit spicy, and it has a tasty cucumber kick to it!  I would also like to give a shoutout to the gourmet tacos because they are AMAZING. I could probably munch on the chips and salsa here forever (okay, okay, I’ll stop). My stomach left Gabbi’s very happy, and I would definitely recommend this spot for a date night or just grabbing dinner and drinks with friends! $9.75


There are so many SWEET spots for margaritas in Old Towne Orange. Which spot is your favorite? Stay tuned for next week’s adventures around Orange, and follow along with us on Instagram to see what we’re up to during the week!

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