I Heart on the Hunt: The Perfect Housewarming Gift

First of all, can I just say that the third week of I Heart on the Hunt was so much fun! We had chance to explore A TON of adorable shops around Old Towne, and as you can probably tell by our crazy photo collages, it was almost too easy to find amazing housewarming gifts. Look closely at each collage, because each piece we found was totally unique, and I bet that there’s something for everyone in this I Heart on the Hunt search for the perfect housewarming gift.

(from top left to right) $24 vinegar wrapped in hand towel, $26 oil can, $22 gel candles (from bottom left to right) $45 wine glasses, $35 wine candles

Let’s start with my (Kelly’s!) housewarming gift hunting experience! I went to Affaire de Coeur and found so many cute gifts I honestly loved so much, that I had to resist getting them for myself. First off were these blinged-out wine glasses that had fun phrases on them like “Girls Gone Wine.” I could totally toast to a successful move-in with those babies. In keeping with the wine theme, I found some wine candles; up-cycled wine bottles filled with candle wax that not only look great, but you can bring them back and get them refilled for half the price it cost to buy them. They’re basically never-ending candles! I spotted some more cool gel candles (who doesn’t want their new home smelling good?) that light up through the gel, so they’re very pretty. Some pristine vintage martini shakers would make a beautiful addition to any bar, and some oil and vinegar bottles wrapped in a hand towel do double duty as both a practical and stylish gift. 


dragonflyIf you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys their outdoor spaces, Dragonfly Shops & Gardens is the place to go. They have a great collection of succulents going on right now, which are so cute and easy to maintain. They also had these fun yard decorations that I can really only describe as whimsical structures that I would LOVE to have sprinkled through my own yard. And of course I found a cute little rock that…rocks (ha!) with fun phrases on it that can be used as a doorstop or yard decoration. 


Small gift basket ($18), Large gift basket ($35-$45), 4-pack caramel apples ($25)
Small gift basket ($18), Large gift basket ($35-$45), 4-pack caramel apples ($25)

Hey it’s Jonai here! I went over to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where Candice (Candy!) put together some amazing gift baskets that anyone would be so grateful to receive as a housewarming gift! The large basket contains 1/2 to 1 full lb. ($35 for 1/2 lb. and $45 for 1 lb.) of assorted chocolates, a delicious Old Towne Orange Chocolate Bar, 1/2 lb. of fudge, a bag of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory coffee, and a delicious caramel apple! For a smaller budget, Candice can create a smaller basket that includes 1 caramel apple, a 4-pack of chocolates, 1/2 lb. of fudge, and an Old Towne Orange Chocolate Bar. If you’re looking for something simple, you can do a 4-pack of caramel apples for $25. Keep in mind that gift baskets are totally customizable and great for not only a housewarming gift but almost any occasion! 


IMG_7087It’s Jillian! I ventured into Vintiques, and I fell in love and would basically be happy living in this whimsical shop. When I’m shopping for a gift, I like to go to a place that has a lot of different options. Although this shop is filled with antiques, there are also a lot of pieces that feel trendy and new. You can grab something small like a cute mason jar with fun colors or something bigger like a framed chalkboard to hang on the wall. I also LOVED the decorative spoons. They would be perfect to hang in the kitchen and add a little personality to the wall!


IMG_7060On my  second adventure, I didn’t have to go far because The Potting Shed by Carlisle is connected to Vintiques! If you’re looking for a little garden getaway in Orange, take a stroll through this peaceful place. Flowers are always a great option in my book because they bring a little extra life to any room. We have two plants from The Potting Shed in our office, and they are BEAUTIFUL. They make the space feel brighter and more welcoming. I especially love succulents because they aren’t high-maintenance, and they look lovely anywhere.  Also, The Potting Shed is MORE than willing to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


photo 2 (5) I (Cat) spent my time looking for the perfect housewarming gift on Glassell and had plenty of options to choose from! My first stop was CharmingShoppe where the lovely ladies who work there had plenty of ideas! They have plenty of choices for housewarming gifts that are practical but also fun! One of my favorites was the Poo-Pouri Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray & Toilet Paper Gift Set which is perfect as a funny gift that any new home owner will be sure to love! The spray is one of the CharmingShoppe’s biggest sellers and the company’s commercial is hilarious, you need to watch it for yourself! For the pet lovers in your life, they just got in adorable pet bowls and mats which will make any cat or dog comfortable in their new home! For a truly personalized gift, CharmingShoppe also offers personalized monogramming starting from just $8. They can do towels, sheets, pillowcases and more! I love how you can get as creative you want with this gift! Pet collection $10-$20, Poo-Pouri Gift Set $16.95, Custom Embroidery starts from $8

photo 1 (2)My second stop was at Eikon Home, which I have to admit, is one of my favorite stores in all of Old Towne Orange. I love the thought and consideration that the owner has put in to choosing all of the pieces in the store and I inevitably want to buy everything they have! This is one of my usual spots to get presents for my friends and family so I thought it would also be a great place to look for a housewarming gift! They have a ton of great coffee table books, as well as design and color idea books to help you decorate your home which is a perfect gift for anyone who is moving into a new place! Eikon also has beautiful candles throughout the store that are a great small gift for a new home. Various scented candles (my favorite are the Paddywax ones in the picture) and even beautiful stripped candlesticks that are perfect for fall and made in the USA. And finally, for the bartender in your life, there are some fantastic cocktail shakers you could buy as a great gift for a new home. My favorite had a list along the side of how to say ‘Cheers’ all over the world. Because I’m still decorating my own apartment, I walked out of there with a 2015 calendar and two maps that I plan on framing and hanging on my wall! Eikon Home is a great place for amazing housewarming gifts. Photo from top left to right: Candlesticks $22, Cocktail Shaker $39, Design & Color Books $16.95-$21.95, Paddywax Candles $10-$21


For my final stop, I went to the Victoria Company which has a ton of decorative signs that I’m sure you’ve seen while walking down Glassell. If you have any friends that just moved into a home here in OTO, this is the perfect sign! “Old Towne Orange, My Home Sweet Home.” Love it!! There are also great housewarming gifts inside so make sure you stop by sometime soon! 

Old Towne Orange has a ton of great places for housewarming gifts and we loved going around finding some sweet gifts! Where do you buy your gifts in OTO and what do you get? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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