I Heart on the Hunt: Ice Cream


We’re always trying to keep things fresh over here at I Heart Old Towne Orange and that’s why we’re launching 2 new things for you (and us) to have fun with. First, we started using Instagram so that we’d have a place to post all of our awesome #OldTowneOrange photos. So head on over if you’re an Instagrammer and follow us!! Second, we are launching this very fun and informative series called I Heart on the Hunt. With I Heart on the Hunt, we can all discover and rediscover the many great things that Old Towne Orange has to offer. And, since it’s summer, we’re starting with Ice Cream.

Here’s how this is gonna work…we’re going to hit 4-6 spots here in Old Towne Orange each week to hunt for various things and report back to you. We know that we can’t cover it all, so we’ll be asking YOU to join in the fun and tell us your favorite spots on these various products and hot spots in Old Towne Orange. We’ll post all of our findings on Instagram throughout the week and then sum it up here on the blog (and for Facebook). Please add your thoughts, ideas and suggestions right here in the comments so we have a well rounded resource for everybody to use.

Shaved Ice, Old Towne Grinder
Shaved Ice, Old Towne Grinder

Ok, now about the ice cream, this is Kelly writing and I headed over to The Old Towne Grinder with the kids (and nieces) after their first day of school to see what sorts of cool treats they had to offer. As you can imagine, the kids were delighted to find about a dozen ice creams to choose from, as well as some shaved ice options. We tried the Cookie Dough, Chocolate and Shaved Ice options and all were creamylicious, well except the shaved ice, that was icylicious and turned Grace’s mouth completely red! If you’re looking for a dairy (or non-dairy) treat for the kids, this is a great Old Towne Option!


Wisconsin Frozen Custard from Bruxie

This is Renee! I ventured over to Bruxie where I tried the Wisconsin Frozen Custard. I went deluxe with chocolate, peanuts, and whipped cream and it was the REAL deal. Very indulgent and delicious. Frozen custard tastes richer than ordinary vanilla ice cream, and with Belgian chocolate and actual cream, whipped for topping, it is a summer vacation in a cup! 





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Lemon Basil Limeade (top) and Summer Mix Tape (bottom) from Cafe Lucca

Hi, Jonai here! I went straight for Cafe Lucca for some gelato. Really I knew I couldn’t go wrong. I am not normally one to go after fruity sorbet flavors, but since it was the middle of the afternoon, I figured I’d step outside my taste bud comfort zone and try some new flavors. I went with half-and-half deal consisting of Lemon Basil Limeade (getting really crazy, I know) and Summer Mix Tape (a mix of pomegranate, berries, and lemon). The Lemon Basil Limeade was beyond refreshing, and the basil flavor didn’t overpower the gelato. The Summer Mix Tape was surprisingly flavorful and indulgent for being a fruity-sounding flavor. Needless to say I walked out of Cafe Lucca (as always) a very happy camper. 





Salted Caramel from a la minute

It’s Jillian here! I decided to go to one of Old Towne’s newer shops, à la minute! If you haven’t tried this creamy goodness, your taste buds are in for a delicious ride! At à la minute, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze small batches of ice cream right in front of you. It’s a really cool (pun intended) and fun process to watch! I had the salted caramel ice cream this time, and it was PERFECTION. They have plenty of typical flavors and some more adventurous ones too, and I’ve never been disappointed. My all-time favorite flavor is Espresso Chip, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new at à la minute! They’ll take good care of you!



Raspberry Plum Basil popsicle from Front Porch Pops
Raspberry Plum Basil popsicle from Front Porch Pops

And last, but not least, Cat’s turn! I headed over to Front Porch Pops for the first time to get a delicious, all-natural popsicle. I know it’s not technically ice cream but they do have a ton of unique flavors like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Creamy Vanilla Caramel, and Strawberry Lemonade so I thought it would be the perfect spot to beat this summer heat! I’ve also been following them on Instagram for far too long to not have tried one of their pops!  I decided that Raspberry Plum Basil was the way to go and boy, was I right! You can taste the difference from a store-bought popsicle as it’s made with all real fruit, as well as delicious little pieces of basil! I will almost always choose popsicles over ice cream (I know, I’m weird) and this was by far one of the best I’ve ever had! I even took home a Strawberry Balsamic popsicle that is waiting for me in the freezer for tomorrow! Stop by their cute shop and get your very own Front Porch pop! 

That sums up our little OTO ice cream adventure. Now, I’d really like to know (and so would everybody reading) what we missed that is ‘not-to-be-missed!’ Please share your favorite ice cream spots in the comments below and if you want us to explore something in Old Towne Orange, post that too and we’ll add it to our ever growing list.


Last Updated on April 5, 2016 by IHOTO Staff