I Heart on the Hunt: Big Cat Hunting

Contributed by Renee Ferguson, Buzz Developer 

I love the ever-changing Circle of Old Town Orange – but sometimes I look for little nooks and crannies where I don’t spend so much time. That’s when I wander up to the Chapman University campus. There are a lot of art works scattered around the grounds and it is chock full of interesting places to discover.


The first thing I’d like to share with you is what I’ll call “Big Cat Hunting at Chapman University.”

You know, of course, that the school’s athletic mascot is the Panther. Did you know there are six (6!) panther sculptures around campus? All of them are created by Rosetta, a nature artist/sculptor working in Loveland, CO.

All these artworks were presented at different times, by different donors and for different occasions, and they all represent the Panther Spirit. Some are easy to spot and a few are off the beaten path. Here are some details to help you find these kitties.

First to arrive in 1994 as a gift of the graduating class of 1994 was “Holly the Panther,” named in honor of Holly Wilson.
This panther is easy to find at the campus entrance to the stadium.

Next, allow me to introduce you to the 2006 arrival, affectionately referred to as “Suki the Panther” to honor Suki McCardle. “Suki” is located at the north end of the campus and football stadium, in the McCardle Events Plaza.


Overseeing the activities in the Attallah Piazza, in front of the library, is “Kathie the Panther”, in memory of Katharina “Kathie” Bradley. “Kathie” was installed in 2009.

“Harriet and Shanna the Panthers” (named for Harriet Sandhu, donor, and her granddaughter, Shanna Brajevic) made their debut in 2010 and are actually not within the educational center of the University. You can find them watching over the comings and goings of the Harriet and Mohindar Sandhu Residence and Conference Center at 571 North Grand Street.

“Jamie the Panther,” was presented in 2011 and is the most mobile of these monumental panthers. Most of the time, “Jamie” is at rest in the lobby of the Lastinger Athletics Complex. When duty calls, “Jamie” is wheeled to the athletic field to cheer the spectators and offer good luck to the players.


The most recent installation, though quite probably not the last as Chapman continues to grow, arrived just last June. Referred to as “Betty the Panther”, to honor Betty Hutton Williams, this dynamic panther has victory at the tip of the claw – but we will never know the outcome. You can see this eternal struggle at the north end of the Attallah Piazza, in front of Hutton Sports Center.

If you would like to go Big Cat Hunting at Chapman University, I’m sure you will find it an enjoyable afternoon stroll. We challenge you to take a look around campus and see if you can find the Big Cats not pictured in this blog. Send us your photos once you find them!

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