Stop the Presses! The Pizza Press is Amazing!

IMG_1278 IMG_1284There’s been plenty of hype surrounding the grand opening of Old Towne Orange’s newest pizza joint…The Pizza Press. Well, after waiting patiently for this place to open, we’re here to tell you that the hype was totally worth it! As soon as we walked through the door, we were smitten by the details of this place, from the newspaper-inspired wallpaper, to the exposed brick, to the inviting brown booth seats.

Now this Pizza Press isn’t exactly the first of its kind. The original Pizza Press is located in Anaheim, but none of the I Heart team members had ever been so we didn’t know what to expect from “The Press.” As a group of bloggers, content creators, and social media marketers, we were immediately captivated by the way The Pizza Press plays off its name so perfectly. Everything from the menu holder to the different pizza creation stations play off the idea that you’re working at a printing press…for pizza!

IMG_1282The first step is deciding whether you want to publish your own pizza or choose one of their signature pies, which is a pretty tough decision! But for $8, you get a good size personal pizza (that you could easily share between 2 people) with UNLIMITED TOPPINGS! And no, we’re not trying to be some kind of spokesperson for The Pizza Press, we’re just saying UNLIMITED TOPPINGS HERE PEOPLE, because honestly when does that happen? Anyway, if you choose to publish your own, you can choose your base (sauce), and then head over to the oh-so-delightful toppings bar and let the “publishing” begin!

IMG_1292At the “press” is where the fun part is, and you get to watch your creation come to life in a pass-through oven. Once it pops out the other side, you can choose from some “finishers” that include ranch dressing, pesto, hot sauce, arugula, cilantro, oregano, and other classic pizza extras, and they slice is up and call it yours hot off the press!

Let me tell you, we were BIG fans of the finished product. You can pile on all of your favorite pizza toppings, in whatever combination suits your fancy, and it comes out just how you want it. The possibilities are literally endless, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored ordering the same pizza every time you come.

What’s a more classic combination than pizza and beer? Not much, right? Which is perfect because The Pizza Press has a huge selection of beers on tap and in bottles. So many that we didn’t feel like counting out the exact number, but there are plenty to choose from. They even have a whole website dedicated to their beers HERE. It doesn’t get much better.We actually can’t wait to go back and try more combinations of toppings and such. We recommend bringing a friend when you go! That way you can share a pie together, or grab bites of each other’s personal published pizza creations. Overall, this place is worth the hype, in our opinion, and we’ll be making several more trips for some office lunches to The Pizza Press! Pizza’s range from about $6 – $10 and they have a gluten free crust option (which Kelly had and was delish!)

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The Pizza Press is located at 155 N. Glassell, right next door to 149 Sports Grill. You can check out their website HERE, like them on Facebook HERE, and follow them on Twitter HERE.

Last Updated on April 5, 2016 by IHOTO Staff