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Hello, hello everyone! It has been an absolutely gorgeous week in Old Towne Orange and, compared to last week, the sky looked more blue than ever. So I’m not going to lie. This week, I took a second trip down to Urth Caffe to try their avocado toast – and to no one’s surprise it was delicious! I also got to take myself up on one of my New Year’s resolutions that I outlined in our New Years blog and explored SoCal a little bit! On Monday, I took a trip down to Laguna Beach to walk around, visit some art galleries, sit on the beach, and enjoy the sea mist. As much as I love Old Towne (and you all know how much we love Old Towne), it was great to take MLK day to explore our backyard right here in Orange County.

For this week, I wanted to take this blog and just update all of our readers and subscribers on I Heart. I am super excited to announce that I Heart OTO will be taking on some new projects in the new year – and hopefully I can give you all an idea of what is to come very soon! When I first moved to OTO in August of 2016 (Intern Marshall speaking here), I had no idea how easily it would be to fall so in love with my college town. Quicker than ever, I witnessed the Plaza go through so many positive changes – many of which I’ve been lucky enough to share with you all! That is why we want to share even more content with you on a regular basis. So….  that is why we are announcing …. *drum roll please* ….

I Heart Old Towne Orange YouTube Videos (COMING SOON)


A Circle in the Square: A Podcast About the Meaning of Community by I Heart Old Towne Orange (COMING SOON)

Now before we go too far – don’t worry – for all of our loyal readers, the blogs, newsletters, and social media are NOT going away – we are just expanding! We want to share the stories of business owners, neighbors, and friends in a way we haven’t done before! We want to show you what it’s like to live, work, and play in Old Towne so whether you just moved here, are planning on visiting, or have lived here your entire life, you can connect with the love that we all share for our community!

Content is going to start very soon – but for now, I encourage everyone to visit our YouTube Channel, subscribe, and watch the videos we have up! We have an amazing time-lapse video of the street fair – you’ll have to check it out! But for now – keep your hand over the refresh button because I Heart is coming in hot with fresh content! Thank you all for reading, commenting, and sharing your stories with us. See you (in podcast and video form) very soon!

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