Chapman Crafted Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary!

Did you visit the celebration that Chapman Crafted held over the weekend? I did and I had a wonderful time with my family. Not only did we go to try the beers but we also took the kids so they could enjoy the fun activities and trust me, there were plenty!


I ended up trying their lighter beers – the Chapman Crafted Pils and their ‘new on tap’ Wit Tea. They were delish, especially the Wit Tea, I am a wheat beer kinda gal so I was excited to see this selection on the menu, it did not disappoint!!


If you’re looking for some OTO swag, Chapman Crafted can hook you up. They have an awesome selection of hats and tees and more. I really loved their 1-year anniversary t-shirts, great logo and look.


It was fun to be outside with all the activity and the food truck brought out for their anniversary party. The neighborhood came out, that’s for sure, the place was packed! Truly, one of the best parts is how they really thought about ‘family-style,’ the kids were entertained and did not get bored as we sipped on our beers.  Ping Pong, foosball, golf and the most amazing balloon artist we’ve ever seen – she made a dinosaur for my niece and Disney characters for the other kids.


With all the activities, beers, barrels and kegs, we had to search for a table because the place was packed with people from OTO coming out to celebrate!


All in all, I had a blast and I wish I had stayed longer than I did. The Chapman Crafted team has really created something special for the community. A place to relax, hang out and enjoy a great beer (or flight) with your neighbors, friends and family.

Chapman Crafted is located at 123 N Cypress Street in Old Towne Orange. 


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