A PaKua Tidbit

Anaheim-Santa-Ana-Garden-Grove-20111104-00057This is on more of a personal note, but I wanted to share with you that last Friday night, my son took his first Belt Test at our local PaKua Studio in the Plaza. I was unable to be there and my sister-in-law took these pics for me (thanks BJ). I’m sharing them because, as a mom, I feel so proud looking at my 6-year old boy be so proud of himself for passing his first belt test and becoming a Yellow Belt. If you have little ones (or even older ones, or even yourself!) that are looking for a structured sport, to have fun and to really learn something that’s much more than just physical, you might check out PaKua. I’ve written them up before in more detail and you can click HERE for that post. Enjoy the photos of this proud mama!

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova