5 Tips for Fun on Father’s Day


Father’s Day is this weekend and instead of the usual gift-giving ideas, we’re sharing some interactive ways to spend the day with dad. Happy Father’s Day!

1.Fun at the Park

A great way to start off Father’s Day is with a cup of coffee and some fresh air. Whether your Dad might like to go for a light walk or play some catch in the park, starting the morning outside is a great way to get the blood pumping. We have many great parks in Orange like Hart Park, Shaffer Park, and many others where you can play some games or just go for a walk.

2. Brunch Downtown

After all that exercise, Dad deserves something delicious to eat for brunch. Usually, brunch hours vary between 10 am to 2 pm so there’s plenty of time to head over to the plaza and find your restaurant of choice. You may need that time since there are so many brunch options in OTO. Some of my favorites include The Filling Station, Snooze AM, and Citrus City Grille. There are so many options so make sure to pick the one that the “Dad” in your life will enjoy.

3.Treasure Hunting at the Antique/Vintage Stores

After that delicious brunch, it’s always nice to spend some time around the Plaza. To make this more entertaining you can arrange a treasure hunt for Dad or the whole family. One way to do this is to go to one of the great antique or vintage stores in towne. A dad fave is Joyride: Vintage for Men. You can deliver subtle clues on what this treasure hunt item might be and see who finds it first. You can also visit the store a day before and scout out an item. Either way, this will be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

4.Dad’s Hobby

Another way for Dad to have a lot of fun on his special day is to incorporate one of his hobbies. Maybe he likes photography, bird watching or reading. No matter what this hobby might be it’s nice to consider his interests throughout the day. Maybe you can find some of these hobbies while treasure hunting.

5.Final stop at a Brewery

The final stop on our Dads day is, of course, Chapman Crafted Brewery. So many Dads across different age groups have a great time at Chapman Crafted. Not only do they have a very friendly atmosphere and great beers on tap but they also have tons of games like ping pong, Uno and corn hole. If you bring your kiddos they will surely find something to do.



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