Best InstaWorthy Spots in Old Towne Orange


This week, we turned to local photographer, Chapman Alum and I Heart favorite, Kristen Reddy to give us the inside scoop through her lens on where to take winning pictures in Old Towne Orange. Here’s what she shared with us.

The Plaza, Of Course!

Kristen Lynette Photography

I love to either start or end my photo sessions here. It’s the “landmark” favorite for photo sessions in Old Towne Orange, and I honestly think if you’re doing a session in OTO, you just have to have a photo by the fountain! There’s a lot to capture in that little circle, too… from the fountain, to wood benches, to greenery shots for those who want that soft nature + city feel. If you want a “lighter” background, position your subject in between the benches and the fountain, with the fountain behind them either to the right or the left. The white fountain will give you a softer, less busy feel. If you’re shooting with your iPhone, turn on that nice “Portrait” mode so you get the soft look of the fountain behind your subject. 

PRO TIP: If you want to get a lot of shots at the fountain without a TON of people, head there for a sunrise or morning shoot.

Brick For Days Behind Starbucks

Kristen Lynette Photography

Then head to the Starbucks next to Felix’s and walk through the store (wave at the friendly baristas) and head out the back to find my FAVORITE spot for awesome brick. You’ll find your regular red brick, plus some painted white brick for more of a modern look. Keep walking south towards the parking lot and turn left to find a neat alleyway that is a photog fave. Make sure you hit this spot early in your shoot, as it loses light quickly before the sunset.

Rustic Wood Door Behind Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

Kristen Lynette Photography

This is my FAVORITE door in OTO… its rustic details are to die for! And, side note, this is also one of my most beloved dinner spots in towne. Order the shrimp enchiladas and a margarita, and you’ll be in heaven. Ok back to photos… this door located behind Gabbi’s (yep, in the parking lot), is great for photographing one or two people. Position them standing a bit in front of the door so you can get some distance between the door and your subject.

White Entryway Doors on the Assistance League Building

Kristen Lynette Photography

Make your way from Gabbi’s, through the parking lot, and head towards Watson’s. Just before you hit Watson’s, you’ll see some awesome white doors to your left. This is the perfect selfie spot OR place to show off your awesome new outfit. The white doors provide a perfectly simple, yet stylish, backdrop.

Blue Railing + Brick Behind Wells Fargo & The Wall

Kristen Lynette Photography

For that pop of color, cross the street and walk behind the Wells Fargo. You’ll find an awesome blue railing and brick. A fun spot for a different, colorful look.

Strolling the Walkways & Store Fronts for that “City” Feel

Kristen Lynette Photography

Lastly, you can never go wrong by getting those go-to, storefront and city strolling looks! Capture your subjects/friends walking by the charming stores, or stopping them to pose by a pretty window. You can also give your photos a more “lifestyle” look by having your subject snag their favorite food or drink item in OTO and snapping a few picks of them with it. It’ll be a fun addition to your photos, and the food/drinks in Old Towne are always a work of art!

Want to book your own beautiful photoshoot with Kristen? Reach out to her on her website, Facebook, Instagram or email her at [email protected].




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