30 Miles in 30 Days, Who’s in?


I’m going to share a story with you and I hope by the end you’ll be ready to hit the pavement with me starting May 1. Last month, I was feeling kinda blobby. You know, leading a very busy and fulfilling life, except not working out and feeling blobby. Now, somewhere in the depths of my soul, I know that sweating is a good thing, but I really hate it. I do Pilates about once a week and sometimes take a mellow yoga class, but sweating? Yeah, definitely not in. However, I just knew that sweating is what I needed to start doing again because that stomach of mine wasn’t getting any slimmer. Hmmmm, so as I’m perusing my Facebook page, I see that this person I know, who’s never run before in her life (at least so she said on Facebook) decided to start running and something just clicked in me when I read that post. I thought to myself, well shit, if she can go on a run and really dislike it, but do it anyway, then so can I!!! I don’t know what it was about her post, but it literally got me off my butt and I went for a run…which I hated. However, you (yes, I mean you all) know when you reach that point where you just gotta do something different? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! Well, that was me on that day and when I got back from that run I decided I needed a goal so that I’d keep going. Simple stuff, right? Yes, and no!

Here’s what I decided to do: Run 30 miles in 30 days. I know it kinda sounds like a lot, at least it did to me, but the way I was thinking was that I knew I could run a mile in under 15 minutes, and that I’d improve that time over the weeks, so I just thought if I could only spare 15 minutes a day, I could do that. I also knew for sure that I’d have more time to go longer on the weekends and that my average distance would probably be more like 1.5 miles, because one thing I was absolutely, with no doubt, sure about, was that I wouldn’t run every day. I need days off and that ain’t gonna change!! So, I embarked on my private challenge on March 22 and ran (with a lot of walking mixed in) a mile in 13:35. Boy, was that a hard mile. Hated the whole thing, not gonna lie to you. BUT! I was glad I did it when it was over, red in the face like a cherry tomato, and on my fair skin that lasted about 2 hours, geez!! My 30th mile happened on April 21 and was accomplished in 11:40, and my fastest mile during the challenge was 11:17. The BIGGEST DRIVER in me finishing this challenge was telling myself that I will have run 30 miles that I hadn’t run the month prior, or the month prior to that or any month I can think of in recent history. And, I did it, I RAN 30 MILES LAST MONTH!

Here’s what those 30 miles did for me and these are also the reasons I’m doing it again.

  1. They made me feel happier…with myself, with my body, my energy was up and my attitude was more positive. I was just happier and happiness is my #1 goal for myself and those around me in life. It’s every wish I make with every candle and eyelash I blow. 
  2. They made me have much less guilt about eating and drinking carbs…another glass of wine? Yes, please! 
  3. They made me think more clearly, it was like the cobwebs in my brain got a nice dusting every time I went for a jog. 
  4. And, they made me feel less guilty about eating and drinking carbs! I know I already said that one, but that’s a big deal. I don’t like feeling guilt, ever!!

So, here’s the thing. I didn’t do this to lose weight, I don’t think I even lost any and I didn’t weigh myself to find out. My body felt better, my mind felt better and I RAN 30 MILES LAST MONTH! 

Because I like saying that I RAN 30 MILES LAST MONTH, I’m doing it again starting May 1 and I’d love you to join me. I want to see more people running and walking around the fantastic community of Orange. I started an event on Facebook and you can join it right HERE. 

I tracked my miles by using ‘Map My Fitness.’ It’s an app and it’s super easy, it tells you how far you go and how fast you’re going. Eventually I had routes that I knew were a mile or 1.8 miles or 2.2, those were my main routes. Since I always knew my time, I’d drag myself out of bed and tell myself over and over and over, just do 12 minutes today Kelly, that’s one mile, it’s only 12 minutes. GO!!! And, I’d go. Sometimes, I’d actually feel like going longer, well I was in a better mood about it anyway, so I’d go 2 miles. It really wasn’t that hard and I RAN 30 MILES LAST MONTH. That is so totally awesome and you can do it with me!!!

Join the event right here > https://www.facebook.com/events/1524862511153739/

You don’t win any prizes, you just get to say ‘I RAN/WALKED 30 MILES LAST MONTH!’ 


Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova