Need a New ‘Do’? Salon réBelle to the Rescue!

Ohhhh the ‘Do,’ it’s so important to many of us female types, but plenty of you dudes out there enjoy a good-looking hair style as well. So, in the name of ‘keeping it local,’ you may want to check out Salon réBelle which is located right here in OTO. I went over to meet with two of the owners Vicky Garza and Ron Love to learn a little bit about their Salon. Every time I post about them on Facebook, there are always a ton of great comments about the stylists there.

Salon réBelle opened up shop in OTO 9 years ago and since then, they’ve been building on what I can see is a great reputation today. They offer lots of services besides the perfection of your hair, like pedicures, manicures, facials and tanning (the hand spray kind). They also have an eyebrow specialist! For the hair, they do feathers & keratin complex straightening.

If you’ve never been inside, it’s much bigger than what you’d expect just from passing the front door. Here’s some pictures…

They’ve got 20 hairdressers and are proud to claim that the work of their stylists is the best they’ve seen (I like it when owners are super proud of the work they do, don’t you?). In fact, many of the stylists have had their work published. One of the standards they live by is staying up to date with the latest and greatest products, they have no problem changing with trends and technology to bring their clients the best out there. Their motto is ‘Beauty Renewed’…which is also implied in their name ‘réBelle’ meaning ‘re-beauty.’

Salon réBelle is most known for their COLOR. I have to tell you that this admission is what got me in the door to have my own hair done…so vain am I about the perfect shade of blonde that my locks remain to this day. 😉 I’m going to make a little admission here, I didn’t plan to have my hair done here because I didn’t want to cheat on my current stylist who’s been doing my hair forever. But, because they claimed to be SO good at color (my biggest worry about switching) and because they offer a 50% discount on your first visit, I decided to try them out…I figured if they did a terrible job, I could go and get it fixed. However, this picture is proof that they did a wonderful job…and Vicky showed me how to do my hair to achieve those nice waves you are looking at!

Last thing I want to say is that they were very hospitable, offering me a cup of Joe when I arrived. It’s a professional environment, which you can’t always say about a hair salon. They also have a bunch of items for sale in their BelleTique,  like jewelry and some clothing and bags…fun stuff for the ladies!

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Your first visit is 50% off. If you work in OTO, you always get 20% off…so keep that one in mind! If you’re a client and  you refer a friend, you get 50% off your next services. (To give you a general idea of pricing, a women’s cut ranges from $60 – $70 and a men’s cut ranges from $38 – $48).

They are located at 127 S Olive Street in Old Towne Orange. Their number to make a appointment is 714-997-5599. Walk-ins are welcome.


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2 thoughts on “Need a New ‘Do’? Salon réBelle to the Rescue!

  1. I have short hair and Jennifer Potter is the ABSOLUTE BEST with short hair and coloring. She is amazing. I went in there 7+ years ago and cut my hair off and got a really short cut and color and walked out feeling BEAUTIFUL!!! I now live in Virginia but go and do not know if Jennifer is still there, but if she is and you want to feel amazing and beautiful then go and see Jennifer. I always walked out of there felling amazing and beautiful. Personal experience not a friend.

  2. Sorry, I should have said I went to Jennifer for 5+ years for her to do my hair. And she lives in OTO, Old Town Orange.

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