10 Costumes to Make this Weekend

It’s time to heat up your hot glue guns, bust out the fabric stash, and show us your spooky creative side in our virtual costume contest! The hardest part is always coming up with a costume idea, so we scoured the internet and found ten fang-tastic costumes that you can make this weekend.

1. Macaroni and Cheese

Take your costume to a whole new level of cheesy! All you need is a plastic bucket for your “bowl,” empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, yellow paint, and lots of glue! 

Picture from Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

2. For your little lamb (or sheep!)

If you’ve got cotton balls and a hot glue gun, this one is a cinch! Simply take an old white shirt, cut the sleeves off, and attach your wool. For the hat, take some black fabric or cardboard and cut out your ears, then either sew or glue them to a beanie. Add your wool as you did with the body, and you’re good to go! 

Picture from Misspetel.com

3. Singin’ in the Rain

You’ll probably need to take a trip to the craft store for this one, but the result is worth it! Take an old hat and attach cotton filling to create a cloud (the bigger the better!). Cut out raindrops from a blue poster board and attach them to a string to connect them to the hat. You can also make a “rainbow” using different colors of tulle! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a no-sew tulle skirt. (Pictures from Makeit-loveit.com and Hikendip.com)

Picture from Makeit-loveit.com
Picture from Hikendip.com

4. Keep it corny

For this one, you’ll need yellow paint, an egg carton, a yellow shirt, and a green vest and pants! Simply paint the carton yellow and glue it to the yellow shirt. Add the vest and pants and voila! (Picture from Todaysparent.com)

Picture from Todaysparent.com

5.World’s Strongest Child

Lookout Popeye, there’s a new strongest man/woman in town! For this costume, you’ll just need a red and white striped shirt and black shorts as your base. To make the dumbbell, you can take an old broomstick and remove the broom part, or you can use a PVC pipe and paint it black. Blow up two black balloons and use a white marker to write “100” on both. Add a suave mustache and you’re all set! (Picture from Todaysparent.com)

Picture from Todaysparent.com

6.Can’t Touch This

This one is for the plant parents! All you need is a green sweatshirt, some pipe cleaners, and pink flowers. Here’s an easy guide for you to use.

Picture from Sloppyelegance.com

7. An Adorable Treat

If you have a white onesie for your baby, this one is super easy! All you need is a rectangular pillow, some velcro, and a green sash for your seaweed. Here’s a tutorial from Parents.com if you need help.

Picture from Parents.com

8. Grape Expectations

This one works great if you already have a matching PJ or sweats set! Just get balloons that match and attach them (carefully!) with small safety pins. (Picture from Primary.com).

Picture from Primary.com

9. Ballpark Favorites

Need a group costume? This one is perfect! To start, you just need a base dress (or shirt) in your corresponding color, and then just follow this quick tutorial to make your costumes.

Picture from Studiodiy.com

10. For the Quarantine Crafter

Last, but not least is probably the most labor-intensive costume, but it’s great if you have chunky yarn in your craft stash! This tutorial has step-by-step instructions to transform you into your favorite pastime. 

Picture from Awwsam.com

Don’t forget to submit your costumes via DM to our Instagram by October 27th, 2020 by 5 P.M. PDT! Winners will be announced on October 29th! For full contest rules and prize information, read our previous blog post.

We hope you have a batty time crafting your costumes! ????

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