How to Spookify Your OTO Porch

Here in OTO, we take pride in our porches. With the fantastic year-round weather we get in Southern California, our porches become our morning coffee reflection spot, our people-watching lookout, our happy hour lounge, and a place to show off our exterior design skills. 

This autumn, show your Halloween spirit to your fellow neighbors, little monsters, and evening joggers alike by decorating your porch! It’s easy, inexpensive, and involves the whole family. Here are five simple tips and tricks to decorate your porch this week. 

???? Family of Pumpkins

When the seasons begin to change into fall and the evening air is crisp, you know it’s time to visit the local pumpkin patch. Our nearest pumpkin patch is Tanaka Farms in Irvine, and there are so many others around OC as well. After your pumpkins are picked, take them home for a pumpkin-carving/decorating evening (while making sure to help the kiddos with the sharper utensils, of course). After all of the decorations are done, display your new family of pumpkins on your porch for all of OTO to see! For an extra challenge, try to make pumpkins that look like the members of your family, friends, or famous celebrities, and we will try and guess who the pumpkins are imitating.

???? Determine a Theme

PHOTO: Between Naps on the Porch

A theme will make your porch look the most cohesive and eye-catching. Are you going with ghosts, ghouls, bats, witches, pumpkins, or skeletons? Are you going haunted or playful? Whimsical or terrifying? Are you designing your porch based on a classic Halloween movie like Halloweentown or The Nightmare Before Christmas? Whichever way you go, commit to a theme and make it grand. Use Pinterest and blogs for inspiration, and you’re on your way.

???? Lighting is Everything

And what is a spooky porch if we can’t see it? A haunting orange light, strobe light, or imitation lightning strobe can change the entire appearance of your house AND ensure that all passersby can see your hard work. Candles add a flickering haunted aura to your porch and a nice ambiance for evenings spent on your porch. Pick up a strobe at Spirit Halloween, Party City or Amazon.

???? Incorporate Sound

Especially on the night of Halloween, a soundtrack to go with your spooky design will make the entire porch feel complete. Pull songs from your favorite horror movies, like this Spotify playlist “Halloween TV & Movies Theme Songs” or just use the soundtracks of suspenseful movies to create an eerie vibe. Spirit Halloween carries this Haunted Sound FX Box for an extra-haunted porch.

✂️ Get Crafty

DIY autumn wreaths, paper bats, paper spiders, and autumn floral arrangements can easily be made at a DIY crafting party with the whole family. Check out this guide for 70 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to get some inspiration. Hang paper bats from the door or porch ceiling, place paper spiders in huge cobwebs from Spirit Halloween, and line the doormat with painted skulls. Get crafty and get spooky!

Have fun with your porch this Halloween season and make sure to tag us on Instagram @iheartoldtowneorange so we can see your amazing porch designs. Have a great week everyone, and we will see you (and your porches) around Towne.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova