Happy New Year Old Towne Orange

Happy New Year to all of our friends in and around the great community of Orange! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and that this year has started off with a bang!

I have some exciting news to share with all of you. We MOVED our office! It’s been in the works for months, but we finally made the deal to move to a great, old building at 1420 E. Chapman Avenue. It was a hectic holiday for us as everything happened so fast and we wanted to be back open for business by January 2 after we got the keys on December 31. We moved all day on New Years Eve with our entire family helping, including our little kids and moms and dads. A definite family effort that we were so thankful for. We finally have a not so little place we can call home for I Heart Old Towne Orange and Get Community, Inc. Much is still being put together, but we are happy in our new home, so be sure and give us a wave as you’re driving down Chapman Ave, you might see us out front having Wine Down Friday’s 😉

We have a lot in store for 2014, we look forward to growing the I Heart community, and possibly even winning that $250k grant from Chase that you all helped us get qualified for. That decision is getting made sometime this month and your powerful positive thoughts will no doubt help us win that grant!

I thank you all for your continued support, most especially to my I Heart sponsors who are the ones that help me keep I Heart rolling, the biggest being Orange Realty… we love you Orange Realty and can’t thank you enough for your investment into our community!!

Please take a moment to visit all of our I Heart Old Towne Orange sponsors by clicking right HERE.

May 2014 be the best year ever!

Here’s a few pictures of the move:

Here’s Ryan and I on the morning we got the keys, we were pretty stoked!



We surprised the staff with the move and left them this very crafty sign in their old office:



Here’s the girls, Jonai and Catherine in our new lobby, and below them is Renee!






And that’s me in my new office, it’s the BEST and it even has a fireplace!






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  1. Jodimarie Poencet

    Congratulations !!! Very happy for you.:)