There’s a New Ice Cream Man In Town – Kona Ice Truck

photo-34-e1340653526209-150x150I was hanging out at my  house on Saturday, when my neighbor gave me a call to tell me that she was eating the most delicious shaved ice and was sending the truck on down to my house. Luckily we were just finishing up dinner, so the kids and I headed out front to wait. Before we saw the truck turn the corner, we could hear it playing some Hawaiian tunes, nice and loud. As it made its way to our house, it was of course mobbed, so we waited a little longer, but it was fun to watch and listen…it was like a party going on in our neighborhood!

As the truck pulled to a stop in front of our house, owner Wes Ferbert hopped out to say hello and tell us a little bit about himself. His wife, Rocio peeked out the window and started loading us up with shaved ice. Both were super friendly and obviously enjoy what they’re doing (they call this part of their lives ‘retirement’). The truck is great, you get your cup of shaved ice and then get to load up your own flavors on the side of the truck. You can also order some of the familiar ice cream truck treats too!

The Kona Ice truck can be found driving the streets of Orange, but you can also hire them to do fundraisers at your schools or churches, they love giving back to the community. They also do events and parties! You can learn more on their website HERE and be sure to follow them on FACEBOOK.

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