The Only Place for Fresh Flowers is The Dizzy Daisy

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! Can you believe Thanksgiving is only one week away? We are so excited to be stuffing our faces, seeing family and friends, and giving thanks to those around us. This week, I am giving thanks to my favorite florist shop around: The Dizzy Daisy! The Dizzy Daisy is a family-owned fresh flower shop and boutique located on Tustin Avenue and Palmyra! They create both simple AND specialty floral arrangements that will blow your mind! Just look at their website:

I can smell the flowers now!

This week, I had some time to visit The Dizzy Daisy and talk to the owner, Dana, in person. Dana has over 18+ years of design experience and can basically make you anything you need! “One time, I did a space shuttle floral arrangement because that is what the customer wanted. I love doing custom stuff like that,” Dana shared with me.

Just last weekend I had her make me some arrangements for a baby shower and just told her white and green and I trust you from there. Look at what she put together for me. Soft, sweet, and perfect for table centerpieces.

When you stop by The Dizzy Daisy, they always have several arrangements you can just grab and go, and they are always on point for the season. Of course, you can order online or give them a call for something custom, their team is so helpful and creative.

And this Thanksgiving season (as well as any other time fo the year), you’ll find more than just flowers for the shopping. They carry a plethora of adorable fall gifts, including candles, socks, towels, and more. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, flowers, or a small gift to treat yourself, The Dizzy Daisy is your one-stop-shop!

The Dizzy Daisy takes preorders online or over the phone. They deliver almost everywhere in Orange County. To make sure you are in their delivery bounds, visit their website. For certain locations, they even offer same-day delivery (if you order before 2PM *subject to change). They offer custom arrangements – not just what you see on the website. No matter your budget, favorite flower, favorite colors, Dana is more than happy to work with you.

“Some people come in and only have $15 to spend, and I say ‘Okay let’s work with this!'”

The Dizzy Daisy is open Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM and Sat 10AM-4PM. They will be closed on Thanksgiving and will have limited hours the day before! We HEART The Dizzy Daisy and couldn’t recommend visiting them enough! Go place your holiday orders now, it’ll be one thing to check off your list.

“Everything is local and through our own website. We love doing what we can for the community. That is why I started this. It’s about the community. I’m just trying to do it a little different here!”

Thank you for reading everyone! Have a great weekend and we will see you on Turkey Day!

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