The Best International Restaurants

The Orange International Street Fair is happening next weekend! To prep our tastebuds, we are highlighting some of our fave meals from around the world (that you can order anytime in Old Towne).

Francoli Gourmet

I headed to Francoli Gourmet for lunch last weekend and fell back in love with this restaurant. I always know it’s going to be an extremely delicious and authentic meal when I have to google words on the menu. I ordered the Fettuccine Primavera which was a heaping plate of pasta, fresh veggies, lots of garlic, and the perfect amount of tomato basil sauce. My friend, who LOVES fresh seafood, ordered the Fettuccine Con Vongole. That dish had pasta, Manila clams, and garlic all swimming in a white wine reduction sauce. I cannot say enough about this establishment. Food, service, and atmosphere were all incredible. This is the perfect spot for a date night or a treat-yourself type of lunch.

Picture from our Instagram (@iheartoldtowneorange)

Byblos Cafe

My mom would always make stuffed bell peppers when I was growing up. But the Stuffed Bell Pepper Special from Byblos Cafe might taste a little better (sorry Mom!). This bell pepper is filled with rice, garbanzo beans, zucchini, and is topped with a tomato garlic sauce that ties everything together! And one of the best parts of this dish? It’s vegan! But it’s hard to even realize that this dish is vegan because of how yummy it is, even without the meat!

Picture from @Byblos_Cafe_ on Instagram

Felix Continental Cafe

Mmmm, paella is one of our favorites! How could you not love so many goodies mixed together with saffron rice? The Paella Valenciana from Felix Continental Cafe has shellfish, squid, chicken, pork, fish, and imported Spanish chorizo all piled into their veggies and rice. OH, SO GOOD! If you’re not too familiar with Spanish/Cuban food, please try this dish! You’ll thank us later.

Picture from @Red_Hez on Instagram

Pandor Bakery

Pandor Bakery has some great pastries and sandwiches, but the items we love the most are definitely their savory and sweet crepes! If I’m craving a crepe, it’s always difficult to pick from the countless options of crepes on their menu. But one of our faves is the Romeo and Juliette sweet crepe! This one is simple yet so tasty! It has slices of strawberries and bananas with a Nutella drizzle. We’re so thankful that Pandor brought French cuisine to OTO!

Picture from @pandorbakery on Instagram

Thai Towne Eatery

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge Thai food fan until I tried Thai Towne Eatery‘s Pad See Ew! Pad See Ew is a huge helping of flat rice noodles that are stir-fried together with eggs, garlic, and broccoli in a sweet soy sauce. I usually get tofu in mine too! And I’ll be honest again, I have yet to try anything else at Thai Towne because every time I go, I order the same meal. It’s too tasty not to!

Picture from @thaitowneeatery on Instagram

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