Best Kids Menu Meals in Old Towne Orange

Another week in August, means another Old Towne Orange food blog post! In case you didn’t know, (Where have you been? Just kidding, we still love you!) we are celebrating the month of August — foodie style. Old Towne Orange becomes incredibly busy at the end of August due to Orange International Street Fair and Chapman University’s orientation week. Countless people visit our beloved city and we want to make sure all OTO lovers (both old and new) never miss out on some of our fave food Orange has to offer. Catch up on our previous posts like our Meat Lover’s Guide to OTO and our Favorite Vegetarian Meals in OTO.

This week we’re focusing on KIDS! That’s right, we’re rounding up some of the best meals meant for our children. Kids menus can be mundane when you eat out at restaurants and see no originality! (We’re sorry to the chicken tenders and fries meal offered on every kids menu, but we’re looking for a little more spice). Thankfully in Old Towne Orange, we have plenty of creative meals our little ones will love!

Don Jefe Jalapenos Grill

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We appreciate the variety of yummy options that Don Jefe Jalapenos Grill offers our kiddos! Every meal includes their absolutely delicious beans, rice, and fruit juice! Our fave kids meal is the chicken or beef enchilada plate for only $6.45! What we love about Don Jefe Jalapenos Grill is that they serve the same quality food on their normal menu, and just make the portion more appropriate for children. Along with enchiladas, kids can order a soft tacos plate, crispy tacos plate, or a mini burrito!

Fork and Salad

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Yes, Fork and Salad made our meal roundup two weeks in a row, but we just HAD to! They offer a shrimp or chicken plate with quinoa and a side of fruit! For $8, this meal is definitely one of the healthiest offered for kids in Old Towne Orange.

Byblos Cafe

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Kids can enjoy any skewers from Byblos Cafe! The kids menu offers chicken or veggie skewers for $5.5o and kafta, lamb, or beef skewers for $6.50. The meal comes with one skewer and a side of rice pilaf! You can also order it with a side of hummus and veggie sticks for a few more bucks! This is a great option if you’re trying to expand your little one’s taste buds!

Urth Caffe

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I’ll be honest, when I head down to Urth Caffe, I actually order this meal for myself. This mac n cheese is one of my all-time faves! The cheese sauce is so rich and smooth, and there is always a perfect amount over the elbow pasta shells. This dish comes with a side plate of sliced strawberries and banana. Before-tax this meal is only $7.35, which is very impressive for Urth Caffe. The portion is honestly large enough for an adult!

Pizza Press

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The Jr. Editor, ugh The Pizza Press‘ dedication to their brand is so cute! This is for children 12 and under. It’s a 6-inch pizza with up to two toppings, a fresh-baked cookie, and a small fountain drink. This lets your child make their own pizza, with a size more suitable for them! The pizza is about four small slices!

We know there are a few more great options for kids in town, let us know if you have a favorite that we can share in social media!

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