SunSpark Yoga on a Sunday Morning, or any day!

The practice and art of yoga started over 5,000 years ago in Northern India. It started as a battle of conflicting spiritual and physical paths that helped one obtain enlightenment. Today, we use yoga to better our physical health, spiritual health, mental stability,  flexibility, muscle strength, energy, and stimulate weight loss.

On Sunday morning, I walked to SunSpark Yoga, located on Chapman Avenue and Olive Street, one block West of the Circle. In fact, it is probably a few hundred feet from Byblos Cafe, which I blogged about last week (read about Byblos here). SunSpark is a family-owned business, and they recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary here in Old Towne Orange! We love our family-owned businesses here in OTO, it’s what makes this spot so special.


At SunSpark, I got the absolute pleasure of taking Hatha Flow Level 1-2 with instructor Renee. Upon entering the lobby, I got a comforting and calming vibe. The aesthetic of the lobby invites you to explore your physical and mental state during your session. One of the simplest and most pleasantly surprising aspects of SunSpark’s lobby is that they graciously offer a wide variety of hot tea for anyone that enters. I absolutely love hot tea and it was nice to have a cup before the class started.


Overall, the class was challenging and amazing. The description of the class I took is as follows:

Aimed at building strength and stamina in body and mind, this class strikes a balance between flowing Vinyasa and longer holds of Classical Hatha Yoga. Postures are linked with breath to facilitate opening and release. Develop a deeper connection to your inner wisdom through attention to sensation and alignment. We invite you to have fun, honor your body, and work at your own pace. Suitable for Advanced Beginners who have an understanding of basic postures and are ready to deepen their practice.

I am definitely a beginner at yoga and found the class to be challenging, yet rewarding. Renee’s calming voice allowed the yogis to feel patience in the studio. Luckily, SunSpark offers classes for all levels and ages: everything from Kids Yoga to Sound Meditation to Mat Pilates.


SunSpark is even offering a 200 Hour Teacher Training program. Through this program, you can become a certified, registered yoga instructor or just sharpen your skills. The course is from January to May 2018 and will be taught by Stacey Schuerman and Megan Golden. Read more about it on their website and apply today!

Additionally, SunSpark is hosting a 10-day Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia. Join Stacey and Ernie Schuerman and the SunSpark team for an immersive journey from late May to early June. As it states on the Facebook page, “SunSpark Yoga is all about Community and we want to share our love for YOGA, TRAVEL, GREAT FOOD, NATURE & our SPARK FOR LIFE with YOU!”

Namaste, everyone! Have a great weekend in Old Towne or wherever you may be.


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