Season 2 of the Podcast is Here

Don’t you want to know what’s juicy around Old Towne Orange? Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve got the squeeze. We are ready to launch our new season of A Circle in a Square and this time around we’ve got more people involved which means more juicy content for you. Watch my video below where I dish out our plans for this season of the podcast. And, we want you to participate, so fun!

What’s Juicy

Oh my goodness, isn’t that tote bag so cute? I know, I love it too! Anyway, how this relates to the podcast is that we’re breaking things down into 3 groups. The first is What’s Juicy, you know, what’s the happy happs? What’s happening around towne? What’s the latest gossip? That’s what we’ll be sharing in our What’s Juicy episodes. If you see one of those then you know we’ve got something happening now to share with you. It might be seriously juicy gossip and it might be the fact that Taco Adobe finally has their ceviche back in season, I mean, can’t ceviche be all year long? Here’s where you come in because we need the scoop! Now, we hear a lot of things around Orange, I have lots of sources feeding me juicy bits, but it’s your DMs on Instagram and Facebook that are going to really help us out. So, if you haven’t been already, then please start sharing that juicy pulp with us so we can share it with our little world. I thank you in advance. Now, go and get yourself one of those cute tote bags!!


If Orange is your main squeeze, then we are totally feeling you. Pull up with a nice mug of hot tea and join us for these fascinating historical stories about Orange, AKA our Historangical series on the podcast. You asked for historical stories about our community and we are going to deliver those in a unique and fun way. We are asking YOU TO SHARE THEM right on the podcast yourself. If you’ve got a great story that should be shared, a nifty ‘once upon a time in Orange’ then send us a message ([email protected]) or reach out on any social media and let us know. We’ll invite you in to record your story (maybe over the internet for the time being) as there’s no better way to share a story than first hand, am I right? We hope we’ll get a lot of raised hands for this series, so please raise them up because we want to record these special moments in time.


Peeling Back the Layers

This is where we get personal with our guests. One-on-one interviews with the great people that make our community so special. We did a lot of this last season and it was a blast getting to know the passion stories of our local entrepreneurs. We want more of that so we’ll be peeling back the layers of our guests and learning not just about their personal stories, but their passions, their intentions, their hopes and dreams, lessons learned and why community is so important to them. If you want to be a guest on this segment of the podcast, reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch. We’re excited to kick off this new year, especially during this crazy pandemic we are experiencing together, and give us all something for which to look forward. So, grab your favorite fluffy pillow and snuggle up for a good interview.


The Podcast Team

We’ve been introducing various members of the I Heart team on our social media over the last few weeks (and the next couple of weeks). Everybody will be touching the podcast in some way, whether they are hosting, interviewing, researching, telling the story, recording riffs, editing and more. You’ll get to know them as time goes by and no doubt you’ll have your favorites. We are looking forward to sharing this new season with you.

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