Bosscat Kitchen Is Making the Move to OTO

Yes, the rumors are true. In just over a month, we’re expecting a new addition to the Circle, Bosscat Kitchen and Libations, a 2019 Yelp winner of America’s best bourbon bars and a top 100 best brunch restaurants in America. They also were featured on the Food Network for their doughnut burger, which is exactly what you think it is.

If you are a whiskey fan, you might already know that Bosscat opened its doors in Newport Beach in 2014, and now serves over 300 kinds of whiskey, one of the largest whiskey menus in Orange County. Owners J.T. Reed and Leslie Nguyen later expanded to Houston, and now Old Towne Orange!

When we asked them about how they stumbled upon OTO, we were delighted to hear that everything fell into place perfectly. Bosscat will be taking over the space that was previously the home to our beloved Rod’s Liquor. At first, Bosscat wasn’t particularly looking to expand. However, when Rod’s Liquor became available, their real estate agent highly suggested J.T. and Leslie look at the space, and the rest is history. 

When we spoke with them, they made it very clear that they want to honor the integrity and history of Rod’s Liquor by working with the Old Towne Preservation Association. The Bosscat design team will be paying homage to the OTO historic treasure by hanging the neon Rod’s sign on display in the whiskey room, restoring the ice chest and hanging it in the restaurant, and even repurposing a gorgeous piece of oak wood that sat in the base of the ice chest into a community table. These small touches are just the beginning of Bosscat’s reimagination of the space, and they are so thrilled for you to see it!

“It is such a cool way to enjoy the space and remember a family business that was there for decades,” said Bosscat, “You’ll truly feel that history when you’re eating at Bosscat.”

When exploring the Bosscat Instagram, you might notice that one of their Insta highlights is titled, “Community.” As you know, community is everything here to us in OTO, and for Bosscat, that is no different. They take pride in supporting locally by working with charities in and around their restaurants, such as Bosscat Houston contributing with BLM protests and the recent hurricanes. 

“When you do something for money, you’re not doing it right,” Bosscat said, “Do it because you want to make an impact and the reward will come.”

Their goal is to create a space where people can come enjoy great food and drinks and enjoy time with their loved ones.

“Bosscat is all about ambiance,” Bosscat said, “We occasionally have a DJ at brunch so the entire vibe is uplifting and fun as you eat and sip your mimosas.”

They are projected to open in very early 2021, so keep your eyes on their Instagram and ours for all of the updates and a possible grand opening community event! Have a great week everybody, and we will see you around Towne.

All Photo Credit: Wales Communications

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