Like Burgers? Check Out Blue Frog Cafe!

Many of you may remember that I went and ate at Blue Frog Cafe on the first day they opened. I had no intention of really writing them up because that’s just not fair. First days are chaos and theirs was no different! I did like the burger that day, but many mistakes were made in both mine and my friend’s order. SOOOOO, today I went back to give them a real try. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews from you all, so it was time I headed in there myself.

I asked them what their most popular burger was and that’s what I ordered, the Pig Frog. It comes with bacon, a fried egg, cheddar, avocado, frizzled onions, lettuce, tomato and onions. It got it with their Turkey Patty. My brother ordered the Bull Frog which comes with bacon, guac, swiss, frizzled onions, lettuce tomato and mayo. I also tried their potato macaroni salad, why not!

Here’s the Bull Frog:



Here’s the Pig Frog and Potato Macaroni Salad:


Ok, so I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I really loved my burger. First of all it’s HUGE, I only ate half which made the price of $8.75 stretch to 2 meals. The turkey patty was quite yummy, the frizzled onions (which are more like onion rings) added a great crunch, and the egg was a good addition though I wouldn’t get that one again because the turkey is enough protein and calories on a burger for me. The bread, I have to say, is just delicious. I know it looks like a lot of bread, and it is, but it’s not dense, so you don’t feel breaded out. And, the flavor of the bread is out of this world…don’t let the largeness of the bun turn you off at a glance, I say go in and try it because it’s so YUM!

I only took a bite of my brother’s burger, which came with real meat (I admit to not being a huge red meat eater) and it was really, really good. He polished off the whole thing, though he may be regretting that now, I’ll ask him when he comes out of his food coma! The potato mac salad was also quite good, the macaroni noodles are those big ones and it tastes more like potato salad than macaroni salad.

Overall, my meal was really very good and they had it done in about 10 minutes. I will say that paying $8 – $9 for a burger is a little high, BUT you do get a lot of food. Also, I did get there before noon, so I beat the lunch rush. Also, they serve up their delicious sweet treats that you can also find over at Blue Frog Bakery. Here’s some photos to tantalize you…

My recommendation is to go and give them a try. I’ll definitely be back for a burger fix and they’ve got plenty of different kinds to choose from . They’ve got about 11 different burgers on the menu all which can be substituted with Turkey or Veggie. They’ve also got some of their famous sandwiches that originated at Blue Frog Bakery like Veggie, Meat Loaf, and Pot Roast, with modifications to change it up a bit. You can also get a premium side instead of regular fries/potato mac/or fruit for $2 extra, I think that’s a little much for substituting a green salad, sweet potato fries, fried zucchini or onion rings, but maybe they’re extra special delicious.


Blue Frog Cafe is located at 152 B N Glassell in Old Towne Orange, California. Right across from Zito’s and just a few steps from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova