Last Minute Summer Party Tips + Tricks


Whether you’re having a big 4th of July bash, planning your infamous Labor Day BBQ or whipping up a pool party for a few friends, we’ve got a few party tricks up our sleeves worth sharing.

1. Slice, don’t dice your watermelon

This non-traditional method of cutting a watermelon is one of the easiest ways to eat this sweet summer treat! First, flip the watermelon horizontally, then cut the fruit in half. After, grab one half of the watermelon, with the flat part on the cutting board, then cut the sides of the fruit off so you are now working with more of a square vs round shape. Take your knife (you can use a serrated or your biggest sharp knife) and cut 1″ thick slices. Next, turn the melon a full 90 degrees and slice through the other way, making the green grinds into the perfect square shape. Finally, you have a convenient slice of watermelon, perfect for finger food at any party! We promise your kids will go crazy over this delicious and fun-to-eat treat.

2. Set up a rock painting station

This incredibly easy activity entertains both adults and kids, and doubles as your party favors! Painted rocks instantly brighten up and personalize backyards and gardens. Another plus is you probably already have all the supplies laying around your home. All you need for this fun activity are rocks, paints, and paintbrushes. So simple, but the outcome is so adorable! Check out some inspiration below, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

Photos via Meine Svenja

3. Red, white, and blue(berry) ice

This is a fun twist that will make any drink patriotic! Simply add strawberries or raspberries and blueberries in your ice trays before you freeze. Let your ice trays set in the freezer for a few hours, and viola! You have red, white, and blue ice! The fresh fruit even adds a hint of sweetness to your water, and leaves some sweet pieces of fruit when the ice melts!

4. Frisbee Box Toss

Although tried and true, cornhole can be a little trite. Try this activity for a unique hands-on party game. Cut a rectangle slot in the middle of a cardboard box, then have the kids decorate with paints, markers, construction paper, or any patriotic decor their hearts desire. This box should be at least 18 x 18 x 24 in. (the bigger the box, the more space to decorate and it’ll allow the slot to be a big enough size for frisbees or plates to fly in.) Designate a line or throwing area, and either using frisbees or sturdy paper plates, attempt to throw them in the slot in the middle of the box.

5. Watermelon lemonade

This super simple watermelon lemonade screams summer! This recipe makes 1 pitcher which is roughly 6 to 8 glasses of yumminess. For ingredients, you’ll need:

  • 5 cups of SEEDLESS cubed watermelon
  • 56 oz of lemonade
  • 1 1⁄2 cup of ice
  • optional: 1 1⁄4 cup of vodka of choice (we added Skyy citrus infused vodka)


  • Add the watermelon, lemonade, and ice into the blender
  • Blend until watermelon and lemonade are mixed and ice is crushed
  • Pour into a pitcher and stir in vodka (optional)
  • Serve in a glass full of ice and enjoy!

We wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day this year! Have a summer full of swimming, BBQs, friends, and fun.


Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Pattie Cordova