I Heart on the Hunt: The Hottest Soups to Sip on!

Wake up Old Towne Orange, we are definitely not in SoCal anymore! With the fluid forecast throwing us for a loop, we have been longing for some serious comfort food in our tummies. Since January is national soup month, we couldn’t think of a better way to welcome the beginning of the year than by sipping and slurping our way through the coziest OTO restaurants. Say goodbye to boring entrees because we’re about to spice up your average weeknight dinner!

If bundling up from the cold doesn’t quite seem to cover it, we’ve got the perfect solution. There’s nothing quite as satisfying than savoring a zesty bowl of soup on a crisp winter evening. It’s time to embrace the drizzle, and we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. Here are our top picks from some of our favorite local locations for keeping toasty, warm and satisfied for the rest of the season.

@meadsgreendoorcafeWe haven’t been able to stay away from Mead’s Green Door lately, and for good reason. As if they’re intimate interiors aren’t reason to stay awhile, their delicious soups are! They have been serving up a tasty tomato classic lately that will make you reminisce about mom’s home cooking. The Tomato Leek Soup with Walnut pesto is first on our ‘must try’ list. Not only does the tomato have a richly unique flavor, but you will truly go nuts over the delicious walnut pesto topping.

After a long work day, devouring a deliciously filled bowl of soup is the perfect way to end the evening. Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchens has a comforting option which will make you want to hibernate for the rest of the night. We’re
talking about their
Caldo Tlalpeno and it’s exactly what this cold weather calls for. It’s
jam packed with hearty veggies and garbanzo beans however, it doesn’t overpower the @gabbis_kitchenperfectly seasoned Jidori pulled chicken. Topped with avocado, chipotle, cilantro and lime, you can’t go wrong… Served with a side of cornbread, they recommend dipping – and we cannot disagree!

Rutabegorz is the ideal dreary evening destination. There’s something so inviting about the twinkling string lights that hang in the front, and a friendly team that makes one feel right at home. Aside from their regular soups, they have a vegetarian ‘Soup of the Day’ with some @rutabegorzdelicious  homemade options. One of their most popular soups, the Kale and Vegetable, is a nutrient packed powerhouse. Their Quinoa Chills are also a great option if you’re looking to stay on the healthier side. Warm up with one of these healthy bowls of heaven loaded with veggies and protein. You won’t leave disappointed!

Pairing comfort foods is always a good idea, and Two’s Company knows how to do it right. They offer a house chili and a delicious soup of the day. Their creamy Tomato Bisque is the perfect side to almost any entree. Try it with a toasted panini or a simple salad. The possibilities are endless!! There’s truly a reason people rave about this place.


Whether you’re escaping the rain or trying to stay warm during the chilly nights, be sure to try some of our recommendations during national soup month! Raise your spoon to the 2017 winter night, and enjoy it while you can!

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