I Heart on the Hunt: Desserts in Old Towne Orange

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a new intern here at Get Community Inc. and I Heart Old Towne Orange!  I’m currently a Freshman at Chapman University and I have only just begun to explore what Old Towne Orange has to offer! I have such a sweet tooth and I wanted to figure out where I should go to get the best desserts! This week I went on an adventure to find places since Old Towne Orange is one of a kind and the desserts must also be just as unique!

Countless students are always talking about a la Minute so, of course, I had to go there first! Before I even tried the ice cream, I was drawn in by the charming atmosphere of the little ice cream store. They offer such creative flavors like Avocado Custard and also your traditional flavors like Chocolate Chip. However, the aspect that makes this spot so special is that their ice cream is made from liquid nitrogen and almost 80% of the products they use are local! Like every college student, I have somewhat of an obsession with coffee so I tried the Espresso Chip flavor. I would say it is a must-try if you are a coffee lover as well! It was delicious and I can’t wait to go back and try more of the flavors of ice cream they have!


Then I decided to grab a friend and head on over to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery and they had such a wide range of cupcake flavors that is was hard to pick just one. I eventually chose the 24 Karrot gold cupcake that happened to be the best carrot cake cupcake I’ve ever had. I’m usually not huge on carrot cake, but I decided to get one of the cupcakes they are known for. I did not regret this choice and the fluffy white icing on top perfectly complemented the flavors.


Cafe Lucca was my next stop! I would never have guessed that they had some of the best gelato in town and other tasty treats as well. I tried the cheesecake and it was topped with mixed berries and a graham cracker crust! Honestly it made it that much harder to pick a favorite dessert in town!

Since I have been missing homemade food, I decided to stop on by Blue Frog Bakery because I heard that it is the only spot in town that has freshly baked goods. I immediately saw a cookie that seemed to have everything from chocolate chips to coconut on it so I had to try it! The staff recommended it, as well as a lady in line, and I was definitely not disappointed. I have never had a cookie that tasted like that and it made me feel like I was eating it right out of the kitchen from home! It was exactly the type of dessert I needed and have been missing!


This week I also had Bruxie, where every college student loves to go! I decided to try the Liege Waffle Sundae and it is a glorious mountain of ice cream, Belgian hot fudge, caramel drizzle, and peanuts that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. I was amazed at how many dessert waffle choices there were as well and I will be going back to try the rest soon!


I finally decided to end my dessert hunt with the traditional Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory since I am always a sucker for anything chocolate. When I walked in, I immediately wanted a caramel apple, but of course one that was covered in m&m’s as well! I was so indecisive though because everything looked so delicious, but I was incredibly happy with my choice of dessert!


This week I had such a great time walking around and venturing into some of my new favorite places in Old Towne Orange! Even though this concludes all the places I went to, there are many more that I will continue to find throughout the next few weeks. If you’re having a sweet tooth like I was this week, I would recommend paying a visit to any of these wonderful places! Treat yourself to a nice dessert every once in a while and follow I Heart on Instagram to discover our ‘in the moment’ Old Towne treats!

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