I Heart On The Hunt: Best Breakfast

Breakfast lovers, listen up!  We checked out the BEST places in Old Towne to get your syrupy, bacon-y (that’s a word, right?), pancake fill of all things breakfast!  If you think breakfast food is the best food, just wait until you read our delicious reviews of Bruxie, The Filling Station, Blue Frog Bakery, and the one and only Kimmie’s Coffee Cup!  If your stomach isn’t already growling, it will once you read what our I Heart Team had to say about their best breakfast experience in Old Towne…

The Filling Station Breakfast

Jillian here!  One of the reasons why I love The Filling Station is because they serve breakfast ALL DAY LONG.  Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I love being able to order pancakes at any hour of the day – major bonus points!  I stopped by this week and ordered the Belgium Waffle Breakfast which came with eggs and a choice of either sausage or bacon.  I love the sweet and savory combo, so this was the perfect choice for me.  The waffle was fluffy in the middle and crisp on the outside, and I devoured every bite.  Although the bacon and eggs were also delicious, the waffle definitely stole the show.  There are so many good things to try here, so I’ll definitely be back soon.  (Also, they have lemon poppyseed pancakes available all summer and they are AMAZING).

Blue Frog Breakfast

Hey everyone, it’s Andrea!  I went to the Blue Frog Bakery this week with an empty stomach and a big appetite!  So it would have been silly to order anything but the Big Froggie Breakfast Burrito!  It’s perfect for meat lovers; filled with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, O’Brian potatoes, and cheese, it’s a great combination of all your favorite savory breakfast foods in one.  The best part is that this burrito is super satisfying, but won’t weigh you down!  Don’t forget to add their homemade salsa for an extra spice kick!  This breakfast burrito is perfect for anyone looking for a hearty and delicious breakfast to get their day started.

kimmies-bfastRenee here!  There’s nothing like a good old-fashion diner breakfast – available at Kimmie’s Coffee Cup!  A couple of really interesting things on the menu are the cream of wheat option, and what they call “Country Styled French Toast”.  Where else can you order cream of wheat? You just have to be in the mood – I love it.  And the “Country Styled French Toast”??  It’s like breakfast candy!  They start with french toast – add a covering a pecan crunchiness and then deep fry – served with butter and syrup. Yum.  My friend got the Country Scramble: potatoes, eggs, sausage & cheese covered with gravy – with biscuits & gravy instead of toast, of course.  It was all so delicious I wanted to show you everything!

Bruxie Breakfast 2Hi!  It’s Lindsay!  If you love having waffles, sausage, and eggs included in your breakfast regimen, then you will love the Country Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar waffle at Bruxie.  I am a total carnivore, so I can never pass up anything that includes sausage, and Bruxie’s country sausage is grilled to perfection.  The Tillamook Cheddar, jumbo egg, and mayo pair together so deliciously inside the waffle, making your cloudiest morning seem like it’s filled with glorious rays of sunshine.

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