I Heart on the Hunt: Belgian, Waffle or French…That is the Question

Belgian, waffle or French? Skinny, steak or avocado? When it comes to fries, we’ve got the answers to this very trend-worthy question. Where are the BEST fries in Old Towne Orange?

Ok, it’s Kelly kicking off this post because in my fair opinion, the absolute BEST BEST fries in Old Towne Orange are the Belgian Frites at LinX. They come in a cone and everything! Plus, they have like 10 different sauces you can choose from to dip the salty sticks in. My fave, of course, is the Sriracha Mayo (if you know me, you know just how true this is). They are just SO dang good and I heart them!! Coming in a close second, again my opinion only, are the fries at Haven Gastropub. Crispy, salty, sprinkled with herbs, they are just so bad that they’re amazing. Ahhhhh-mazing! I think they’re even better than the chips, but it’s a close one there…

haven Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.07.02 PM

(On the left are the Haven fries and the right is LinX Belgian Frites, YUM)

Garlic fries from Old Towne Grinder
Garlic fries from Old Towne Grinder

Renee here! I headed over to The Old Towne Grinder, because I happen to know they have a surprisingly delicious selection of fries (at a sandwich place, who knew?!). In fact, The Grinder offers fries and even poutine! I had a hard time choosing between chili cheese fries, the old town fries (a combo of sweet potato & regular),  pesto, or garlic fries. This trip, the garlic fries won me over. If you can’t get enough garlic – these fries are for you, and if garlic gets you talking – you will be chatting about these for days! They would compliment any of the sandwiches offered at The Grinder and they sell every kind of soda you can imagine to wash it all down with. On my next visit, I’d like to try the garlic & pesto together for a little trip to Italy for my tastebuds!


Avocado fries from Smoqued BBQ
Avocado fries from Smoqued BBQ

Hi from Jonai! I decided that Smoqued BBQ would be a good place to scout out some french fries, because fries and BBQ seemed to go hand-in-hand to me. But what I noticed right off the bat when I glanced at the appetizer menu weren’t french fries…but rather AVOCADO fries. So, I know that avocado fries are a bit of a stretch for a blog with the goal of finding the best french fries in OTO, but I couldn’t pass these babies up. So I ordered them. And they came to our table. And they were crispy and golden brown on the outside and smooshy and bright green on the inside. And I ate THE WHOLE THING by myself. It was probably the equivalent of eating a whole avocado…oops. But the avocado fries with the sriracha mayo sauce on the side were so good! I drowned each bite in that sauce and really had no regrets about the whole scenario. 


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.19.11 PMJillian here! Old Towne Orange serves up some excellent french fries, and who doesn’t LOVE Bruxie? This place is all about waffles, and there’s really nothing more I could want in life. It’s the perfect place to grab lunch or a snack, and there is something extra fun about the unique shape of waffle fries!  Maybe it’s the ridges or the the salty goodness, but whatever it is, it’s working! If you like a more traditional french fry, these golden waffle fries are always a great choice. These are also lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Mmmmm!



fries2I (Cat) stopped by one of my favorite lunch spots, Mead’s Green Door, to try two of my favorite dishes combined – roasted sweet potato fries & the three-bean quinoa chili. The Green Door Chili Fries are simply deeee-licious. The photo doesn’t do it justice but if you order these fries, the smell alone is sure to entice you. If you love chili fries, this is a great healthier alternative! An order of these chili fries is pretty big, so there is plenty to share with friends before your main course! And for that I recommend any of the flatbreads, the taco salad, or the egg & asparagus sub! 


I also want to remind everyone that there are lots of other yummy french fry-serving spots in OTO, including Watson’s Drugs and Soda Fountain, The Filling Station Cafe, and Kimmie’s Coffee Cup just to name a few. Where are your favorite french fry spots in Old Towne? 

Last Updated on April 5, 2016 by IHOTO Staff