Four Big Projects in OTO (Including Chase, Urth & Parking!)

Hello Old Towne Orange lovers! If you have lived here for your entire life or just moved to OTO recently, you know it’s evolving. With more and more people traveling and exploring Old Towne every year, the demands of the people are changing and Old Towne has had to adjust. I (Marshall speaking) have lived here for just over 2 years and have seen several new additions to Old Towne such as the boba shop, The Hilbert Museum of California Art, Pandor Bakery, Impact Juice Bar and more! Whether you are in favor of these changes or not, that’s your call! But we, at I Heart, believe that we live in a pretty amazing place. Our home is growing, and who’s to say if it’s for the better or for worse? All we know is that we’re thrilled to see more and more people HEART Old Towne Orange with us every day.

This week, I’ll be identifying four big projects that have been developing around OTO and how they will be benefiting our community. Let’s jump into it. 

Chase Bank

This week, I posted this picture:

And it got about 120+ comments on our Facebook page. People were passionate to share their thoughts on the new bank in Old Towne, which is great! I am glad we can create a platform for discussion. Chase doesn’t have a projected opening date as far as we found, but we’re happy to welcome them to our home and we wish them success.

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Chapman and Lemon Parking Structure

Parking has always been crazy in Old Towne Orange! Luckily, it is going to get a little better with a new 611-space structure on Lemon St. The parking garage will have 2 levels below ground and 3 above, so it will not be absurdly tall, while still offering lots of spots. The structure is set to open by the end of the year and will look something like the cover photo for this blog post (scroll up)! If you haven’t driven by, the brick facade looks fantastic.

Palm and Cypress Chapman University Dorms

Chapman University students are now required to live on-campus for their freshman and sophomore years, meaning Chapman has had to make an effort to create more housing for upperclassman, including the purchase of Katella Grand Apartments in Anaheim, capable of housing 900 students. In addition to this, you might have noticed the construction of the residence hall on Palm and Cypress, where Orange Home Grown Farmers and Artisans Market used to be. These dorms are set to open by the start of fall semester 2019 and will house Chapman University upperclassman.

Urth Caffe Update?

Lastly! We know! When is Urth coming? IS Urth coming? We are right there with you all – and we have been reading your comments on our Facebook and Instagram! The other week as I was walking around OTO, I ran into a hiring manager at Urth Orange and sparked up a conversation with him. He let me snag this quick picture of the inside:

Looks beautiful right? Each day, we get closer to the date! But when is this date? I directly asked the hiring manager when the projected opening date was and he said that he was not announcing it yet. Rumors say by January 2019, or possibly before the new year. If you hear any updates, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or email us! We know this has been a long arduous journey just from our perspective, but let’s take a moment to send the Urth team some love because this is their baby and has taken far longer than expected. Just imagine if you were them! We’re excited for you to open Urth, and we wish you all the success in the world. Please let us be one of the first to know about your grand opening!!

And that is all for this week! Again, we’re sitting on the edge of our seats for these new additions coming to Old Towne and we know you’re right there riding along with us. Thank you for reading, as always. Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you around towne.

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  1. Do you know that by contacting the President of Orange Community Historical Society, Jane Owens, that you can get the info on their meetings? They meet every other month, usually in the Library. Next meeting will be the Thursday before Thanksgiving and the speaker will be from Snooze. I understand that there will be some food.

    Also, do you have the info on the Christmas Market that St. John’s is having in December?

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