Army Navy Store in Old Towne Orange

Have you seen the 2006 sport comedy film Benchwarmers? Did you know that a scene in the movie was filmed right here in Old Towne Orange? What is depicted as “Brad’s Sporting Goods” in Benchwarmers is actually the Army Navy Store right here on South Glassell St, and has been for over 60 years. This week, I wanted to visit Army Navy Store, learn their story, and even ask what deals they’ll be offering for all of us this winter season!

In 1955, Army Navy Store was opened by two brothers, Tony Sr and Carlos Alvarez, who both served in the military. They were inspired by stores of a similar kind and decided to establish their own version in Old Towne Orange. Long summer months were spent in the store cleaning, rearranging, and putting the children to work while they were out of school. The children would eat, work, play, and see movies in the Plaza when they were not working. The families sold all-things Army, Navy and camping related from men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, guns, camping supplies, surplus, and more (and they still sell all of these things today!)

In 1969, the Alvarez brothers bought the stores on either side of Army Navy Store and were able to expand their product line and staff, always working hard to establish great connections in the community. Today, Tony Sr’s children own the store and still work to create the classic feel their store had in the 60’s while still offering discounted clothes, shoes, and more.

Army Navy Store provides amazing discounted clothing and shoes! I saw high top converse for $37, a little over half of the retail price! When I was in the store, I asked if any events or promotions would be offered in the fall/winter months and I was told that there will be a small Black Friday / Small Business Saturday sale on their surf equipment! So be sure to check that out at shopping time!

Other than that, Army Navy Store is always there for all of your camping and outdoor essentials, and hopefully will be there for a while longer. Tony Jr is hoping to extend the family business to the next generation.

Thank you for reading, everyone. Be sure to visit Army Navy Store this week! Have a great weekend and we will see you around towne.

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