Fall Treats in Old Towne Orange

Hello October! We’re so excited for fall because that means all seasonal goodies are back in towne! We’ve rounded up some of our fave limited-time treats you absolutely have to try. Keep reading to discover some of Old Towne Orange’s goodies that are pumpkin spice and everything nice!


Picture from @bruxiewaffles on Instagram

Bruxie is bringing the heat to Old Towne Orange this month! The two spicy chicken sandwiches are playfully named Lil Heat (left) and Notorious H.O.T. (right). Both sandwiches feature a fiery dry chile spice blend that coats Bruxie’s famous fried chicken. Lil Heat is packed with Fresno chiles while the Notorious H.O.T. is finished with hotter habanero peppers. Both of the spicy sandwiches have a cool layer of coleslaw which helps balance the intense heat.

Urth Caffe

What are we thankful for this year? For Urth Caffe’s first fall season in Old Towne Orange! I used to drive to Pasadena or Downtown LA to buy Urth pumpkin pies to bring to holiday parties! Really, if you haven’t tried the pumpkin pie you are missing out! Urth offers its original pumpkin pie and a vegan and gluten-free pumpkin pie! These are offered year-round but there’s just something about fall that makes these pies taste even better!

However, Urth has a few seasonal items on its menu. The caffe uses its homemade pumpkin filling for their pumpkin pie hot and blended lattes which I ordered and enjoyed in the picture above! I skipped the whipped cream but the latte tasted just like their pie with a hint of coffee! So delish! I also enjoyed the individual sweet potato pie! The filling featured slow-roasted organic sweet potatoes, and the crust was a tasty blend of crushed ginger snap cookies and crushed pecans.

Urth is also offering a pumpkin fondant cake, which I cannot wait to try the next time I visit!

Kimmie’s Coffee

Picture from @kimmiescoffeecup on Instagram

There’s nothing like the cozy vibes Kimmie’s Coffee Cup serves up every morning. Well, except their pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes, which are exceptional. The pancakes are smothered in icing and dusted with powdered sugar. If you’re not the biggest sweet tooth, but still craving pumpkin, we recommend you order the pumpkin spice pancakes. The pumpkin spice pancakes are simple but still packed with those warm fall flavors and topped with whipped cream and dash of cinnamon.


Picture from @Rutabegorz on Instagram

Every month, Rutabegorz offers a unique $1 dip which comes with either pita bread or veggies on the side! For the month of October, the restaurant is serving a pumpkin hummus! I’m so ready to try this dip and it is a great appetizer to order with your friends or family! But the fall treats everyone has been waiting for are the pumpkin cookies! These cookies have a dedicated following, so if you’re planning on ordering some of these heavenly goodies, make sure to call ahead.

The Pie Hole

Picture from @thepieholela on Instagram

You had to know The Pie Hole was gonna show up on this list! But there’s no way you could’ve dreamt about October’s flavor of the month because it is WILD. Meet the Trick or Treat Pie! This little decadent dessert has a creamy peanut butter filling and a layer of thick chocolate ganache on top of an Oreo cookie crust. The kicker? Each slice of this pie is finished off with crushed potato chips!

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

Picture from @gabbis_kitchen on Instagram

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen changes their dessert menu to match the season! Gabbi’s desserts are always extremely unique and in my opinion, some serious fine dining options.¬†Pictured above is the Tarta de Limon! This dessert has a hibiscus shortbread with a yogurt mousse tart and lime curd. Gabbi’s also offers a capirotada de higo which is basically an elevated bread pudding. It features brioche bread, figgy brown butter sauce, and house-made cinnamon ice cream! Finally, their flan de chocolate has a lavender-hazelnut crumble with hints on chantilly!

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