Dad's Inspiration is Music to Son's Ears

Rockstar David Capilouto
Rockstar David Capilouto

Inspiration is one of those funny things that seems to have a mind of its own.  It can come from an article in the newspaper, or from a beautiful painting, and sometimes—maybe more memorably—it can come from someone dear and close.  For Ian Capilouto, that inspiration came from his father, David, a rock-n-roll fanatic who jammed in the 60’s psych-pop band the Glass Family’s Electric Band.  Since then the Glass Family’s Electric Band record has gained a collector’s item status, inspiring the entrepreneurial Ian to re-release his father’s psychedelic record on his own label right here in Orange.  Ian reached out to I Heart OTO to tell his dad’s story and to share the news of the record company he’s starting here in Orange.

David is a bit of a funny guy.  He’ll sit on the porch on a warm Southern California day and enjoy the relaxing views of the sunny Orange streets, saying a friendly “good morning” to neighbors, and later pull out the old trusty bike to get a bit of exercise in the sun.  He enjoys teaching classical piano to eager students and would love to live somewhere along the Mediterranean coast.  He has a pretty sweet life.  But besides this quaint lifestyle, David really loves the crazy art of rocking out.

From the Streamliner Lounge (Ruby’s) by the train depot and the annual Orange International Street Fair to the Rock’N’Roll extravaganzas at Chapman University, David has played all around Orange.  He pulls from memories of learning the basics of Blues and Rhythm from his cousin (and the little frown his mother wore when he would practice this instead of classical piano) to get his creative juices flowing.  Jazz greats like Thelonious Monk and piano-rock gods like Paul MacCartney fill his head with the inspiration he needs to continue to make great music.

One of David’s first bands, the Glass Family’s Electric Band, put out its album in 1968.  It has since reached collector’s item status among the vinyl record world.  David says he wishes the band’s initial recordings had been used by the label, but sadly they were rejected.  Ian, a working musician himself, knows the struggles of bands who try to work their own way to success, and how a label can sometimes steer the band away from what they really want.  Ian heard his father’s complaints and decided do something.  David had always inspired Ian’s music, but now it inspired him to do something for his dad.

Original 1968 Cover Art
Original 1968 Cover Art

Ian knows Orange has the potential to be an influential place for artistic talents.  He says he has plans to develop it by opening his own record label here in Orange.  While we don’t know all the details yet, Ian says he imagines such a place as a big office or garage full of records framed on a wall, but more than that, he imagines such a place as something that gives local bands and musicians an opportunity to show their talent, uniqueness, and ingenuity.  Ian says he hopes to encourage kids in Orange to take creative chances.

The big kick-off for the art scene here in Orange?  Ian has re-released his dad’s 1968 record from the Glass Family’s Electric Band with !  It is a double LP; the vinyl is the very first rerelease of the album, and the unreleased tracks from the band’s initial recordings.  This second LP is called Should We Not Handle Each Other With Care.

This exciting news leads us at I Heart to wonder, can Orange find that potential in art?  Ian and David think so.  With Father’s Day right around the corner, Ian and David encourage Orange residents to look for inspiration right here in sunny Old Towne Orange, and in the family you hold close.

To learn about Ian’s record label, check out the website HERE.

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