Cheat Day in Old Towne Orange

It has been an absolutely beautiful week in Old Towne Orange – with high temperatures of 82, how could it get any better? AND GREAT NEWS… (drumroll please) It’s cheat day in Old Towne Orange! Cheat day is the one day a week you get to splurge on your diet and pig out on your favorite dessert or meal. After all, this entire series of blog posts have been dedicated to summer health and fitness in Old Towne Orange – and we finally deserve a treat. Many dietitians do not believe in the practice of a cheat day and say that small treats should be incorporated throughout the entire week. So whether you’re having a cheat meal, cheat day, or cheat week, this blog is for you!

If you haven’t already – read our blog about places to get your sweat on this summer in OTO! If you are interested in pilates, yoga, or martial arts, there is a place for you! Then, check out our goal setting blog! I attempted to be a life coach on this blog and shared some of the advice that has worked for me when trying to stick to my goals. And to prepare you for today’s blog, be sure to visit our summertime munchies blog where we shared our favorite healthy summer restaurants in Orange!

OK! Let’s get into this! I am so excited!

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The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

The Perfect Circle Cupcakery is… well… PERFECT! They have amazing cupcakes and probably the best cake doughnut I have ever tasted. This is the best cheat meal to have after dinner this weekend in Old Towne Orange!

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Pandor Bakery 

Pandor is a bakery! Helloooo? This is the perfect place for your carb-filled delicious cheat meal this week! Whether you want a tartine, muffin, pastry, gelato, or an entire loaf of bread to take home, Pandor will have a cheat meal for you! And even better – Pandor is satisfying at any time of the day. Brunch, dinner, or dessert, they have you covered!

Mead’s Green Door Cafe 

With all of the healthy options that Mead’s offers – there are also some of the best cheat meals. And I know what you’re thinking: “How does a vegan-friendly restaurant count as cheating?” Well, Meads does an amazing job of replicating some of our favorite cheat meals including nachos, chili cheese fries, and burgers! Trust us, cheat at Meads this week!

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Burger Parlor

For a 100% hormone-free, fresh, ground daily burger, Burger Parlor’s passion for quality will be the best way to cheat this weekend! They offer a wide variety of fun burgers – some of which are named Nashville BBQ, OC, and Plain Jane – crispy french fries, and housemade milkshakes and malts. And for the vegetarians and vegans – substitute any of the burgers with a portobello mushroom for a delicious veggie cheat meal this week!

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Francoli Gourmet

When I think “cheat meal,” I think PASTA! Who doesn’t love pasta? If you’re looking for an upscale dinner to celebrate a successful week of dieting, Francoli Gourmet is your spot! They serve an authentic Italian cuisine served on hand-painted ceramics (the best pasta primavera I have ever tasted). Francoli is one of my favorite restaurants in Old Towne Orange – and we know they’ll be there for you to cheat this week.

And of course, there are so many cheat meals offered in Old Towne Orange so the best way to find them is go out and explore! Thank you for reading our cheat meal blog and for checking back in this entire month for health and fitness inspired blog posts. Sneak peek: the next series of blog posts will be all about ART in Old Towne Orange!

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you in Old Towne!

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